Forneus (フォルネウス, Foruneusu) is a background character from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. He was an evil alchemist and is responsible for the existence of Grima and the Risen from Awakening. His escapades are detailed in the Thabes Labyrinth.


In the ancient past, the well renowned alchemist worked at his workshop in Thabes with two goals in mind: The first was to bring the dead back to life to use as subservient soldiers, and the second was to create a perfect lifeform. At some point, he discovered insects which he named "thanatophages", which, when presented to a corpse, would lay down roots within, and assume control of, that corpse. Forneus went on to create masks containing these insects and placed them on several corpses, thus creating his army of the dead. The council of Thabes became gradually concerned with his activities and attempted several times to contact Forneus, from sending messengers to dispatch soldiers, but none of them were ever heard from again. The council eventually decided to seal Forneus within his workshop, denouncing him as "The Demon Alchemist".

Soon after the experiment was created through the use of a Divine Dragon's blood and the tools granted to him by the senate, he further strengthened the creature with his own blood, though this would be his undoing, as he soon started hearing its voice in his head, implying that he might have unintentionally made a blood pact with his creation and was the first to be possessed by it. It is unknown if the ones possessing a blood pact with Grima are direct descendants of Forneus or if he made a pact with another.


In demonology, the study of demons, Forneus is a Great Marquis of Hell, and has twenty-nine legions of demons under his rule. This can be attributed to the birth of the Risen. He is depicted as a sea monster, and one could argue Grima resembles such.

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