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Presentation of Frelia in the prologue

Frelia (フレリア Fureria) is a nation in the game Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. The kingdom of Frelia is ruled by Hayden, the venerable Sage King and the father of the Pegasus Knight Tana and the Sniper Innes.

Frelia is also home to pegasi which are trained for military purposes. They train all soldiers to exert every muscle in their body for better muscular resistance.

In The Sacred Stones, this nation appears as an ally with Renais. It helped the royal heirs of Renais to safety and sent troops against the nation of Grado. Its Sacred Stone was housed by the Tower of Valni, but it was the second nation to lose it, when Selena and Caellach stormed the tower (the first being Grado). Its Sacred Relics are the serpent bow Nidhogg and the winged lance Vidofnir. Frelia was the first country to declare war on Grado, and, under the command of the imperial prince Innes, met the Grado army head-on. Innes used many spies to stay aware of Grado's every move, which proved successful, as Frelia halted Grado's invasion, but Innes soon returned to the capital to see Eirika and Ephraim. Afterwards, he joins the twins on their quest. 

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