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“The group departs for Nohrian-occupied Cheve, seeking Ryoma. They secure a ferry to carry them across the sea but encounter a familiar, unexpected enemy.”
—Opening narration

Frozen Sea (凍てつく海 Itetsuku umi) is Chapter 12 of Fire Emblem Fates in the Revelation Version.


The script for this chapter can be found here.


Dropped ItemsEdit


The Avatar and their allies are sailing across the sea, on their way to find Ryoma. The boat they're on comes to a stop only to find the water completely frozen over with Camilla and Flora on a nearby enemy ship. Camilla states Garon has ordered Camilla to kill them. Your maid Flora, is also being threatened by Garon to kill them or else the entire Ice Tribe will suffer.


Enemy positioning is the same on all difficulties.

The map consists of six boats on the frozen sea, where the middle four have three starting positions each. Enemies will traverse the Icy Sea tiles (which halves the movement of any non-flying unit) to attack the player on their boats. While the enemy can, the player cannot travers the Icy Sea tiles (with the exception of flying units), and will be limited to their starting boat for the start of the map. On the sixth turn, Dragon Veins will appear to create paths for the player to move from boat to boat.

The top right boat with Camilla and Flora (the boss) and the bottom left boat with Selena and Beruka are both longer and start out with enemies, while spawning more on later turns from their stairs. The bottom left boat with the retainers contains unpromoted Fighters (and a single Berserker), Outlaws, and Dark Mages, while the top right boat mostly contains their promoted forms, Berserkers and Sorcerers (on all difficulties).

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