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The Future Past 2
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveRescue and Rout
Units AllowedChrom +11
Units Gained-
BossMorgan (Female)

“In the future of despair, the children's misery knows no end. The children act as decoys, prepared to lose their lives, to allow their companions to escape.”
—Opening Narration

The Future Past 2 (Future of Despair 2 in the Japanese version) is Xenologue 24 of Fire Emblem: Awakening.


In the alternate future, Brady and Yarne make a hurried escape, with Inigo and Owain fighting as decoys. However, powerful enemies led by female Morgan are approaching both the escapees and the decoys to kill them. All four must survive the map to see the ideal ending.

If the children have been recruited and their parents end their turns by the NPC children, a special conversation will be triggered. Brady, Inigo, Yarne, and Owain can also trigger a special conversation with themselves. If the Avatar ends his/her turn beside Morgan, she will leave the map.

The Future Past 1 is not required to receive or play this episode.



Owain, Brady, Yarne, and Inigo have secured Sable and Argent. As they hurry back to Ylisse to deliver the Gemstone, Risen, led by a female Morgan, quickly flank them. Owain and Inigo send Brady and Yarne over a bridge and tell them to quickly return to Ylisse. Brady and Yarne urge them to cross the bridge before the Risen reach them, but Inigo cuts the bridge down. Planning to sacrifice themselves to ensure that the plan succeeds, Owain and Inigo prepare for one last stand and order Brady and Yarne to leave while they still can. As fate would have it, Naga has sent Chrom and his army to rescue the boys. During the battle, they meet their parents and find hope once more for a brighter future. After the battle, the boys share the first laugh they have had in a long time. With new vigor and hope, they make haste to Ylisse.

Back in Ylisstol, Tiki is gravely wounded. Lucina tries to attack the hooded figure, but they escape. Lucina tries to go off and grab a stave to save Tiki's life. However, she tells her to save the stave for others who need it. Lucina says that she didn’t have to take the blow meant for her. Tiki, however, tells her that she finally understands what it’s like to give her life for others and will now be able to join her long departed friends. With her dying breath she entrusts Lucina with the task of bringing the peace that Marth fought for.


The script for this Xenologue can be found here.


The children will receive class skills based on the last skill in their parent's equipped skill slot.

Unlike The Future Past 1 this map is much easier to handle for several reasons. Still, like the last map, you should wait until Maribelle, Lissa, Panne, and Olivia have achieved an S-Support and have their stats and their husband’s stats capped. Though Owain and Inigo are on opposite sides of the map, and they have weapons to defend themselves from the Risen near them, who are unpromoted and shouldn't be much of a challenge for the two. They will also not move from their spots for the duration of this chapter. However, Brady and Yarne don't have any items to defend themselves and there are three promoted Risen units that are between your group and the two. The enemy will usually ignore your units and go after Brady and Yarne until they leave the map. It will take 7 turns at least for Brady to escape and 8 for Yarne to do the same. Keep in mind, if Brady or Inigo is the son of Chrom, they will always inherit Rightful King. Keep a few units on each strip of land, as the enemy has Falcon Knights and Dark Fliers that can easily kill the two also. Once the two leave the map, the enemy will begin to focus on your units instead.

On Normal Mode, the map should be an easy breeze, although like the last level, all promoted units have at least one skill. On Hard and higher, the level becomes progressively difficult as there will be more units near your starting position (several Falcon Knights, a Dark Flier and a Sniper are within range of your starting area). In addition, the current units that stayed in Normal Mode also get extra skills (e.g Great Knights receiving some weaponbreaker skills, etc.), and used normal forged weaponry (4+ MT, 10+ Hit). In addition in Hard Mode, all promoted enemies have at least 2 skills.

For Inigo and Owain, give them any defensive skills to help them survive longer or Renewal to regenerate any health they may lose. Unfortunately Owain and Inigo will both stick in their starting locations for the duration of the entire map. Until the more powerful units start to appear on the map, with proper stat inheritance, Owain and Inigo should manage well until you can approach them. If you want to see all of their conversations with their parents, leave an archer alive since the Archer will only attack the boys and they will not engage them. Brady and Yarne do not necessarily need defensive skills, but anything can help until they merge with the army. Yarne and Brady’s main objective is to leave the map through the southwestern part of the map where you started.

Enemy reinforcements will enter every turn until about turn 8. Most are comprised of flying units so quickly take down these units as soon as possible to keep them away from Yarne and Brady from escaping. There will also be Snipers and Generals during a single wave. Take these down before they can begin to make their way to Owain and Inigo. Just like the last map, though you should have no problem taking Morgan down, you should still avoid the trouble of fighting an unnecessary battle so end your Avatar’s turn next to her and make her leave the map.

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