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The Galdr of Rebirth is a heron Galdr usually requiring two singers. It has been used to: Restore the Serenes Forest (sang by Leanne & Reyson), restore Rajaion's form and sanity (again by Leanne & Reyson), return Muarim's condition back to normal, after being fed the feral elixir (sang by Rafiel), and to return Renning back to normal (after being given the same drug that turns laguz into feral ones) (sang by Reyson). Reyson states (when asked if he can sing the galdr himself) that in times of great calm that it is easier to sing.

The galdr is evidently very similar to the Galdr of Release. Elena learns the latter's tune from the captive heron Lillia, and as they listen to Reyson and Leanne singing to restore the Serenes Forest, Ike and Mist agree that the Galdr of Rebirth is almost the same as their mother's "lullaby."

Lyrics Edit

Endless grief and sorrow.
Hearts slumbering again,
Stars frozen in their place:
Darkness envelopes the land.

But in the spilling of blood,
a hope still glimmers dim.
in a reflection in the water.
in a whisper in the wind.

Gather your courage.
It will break the bonds of night.
take wing, and dance upon the sky.
take wing, and dance upon the sky.

tokiwotomete madoromukokoro
yamiwoharai tetotefureau

kaze musasouyona sazameki
tada mizuniutsuriyuku omokageto
kanohitonokoe mimifuruwasu
yubisakidetekuriyose dakishimeru

ima yuukimochite
kokoro imashimetoki tsubasahasora mau
sora mau
sora mau




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