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Galeforce (疾風迅雷, Shippūjinrai, lit. Lightning Speed in the Japanese version, Élan victorieux in the French version, Assalto impetuoso in the Italian version, Impacto final in the Spanish version) is a Skill in Fire Emblem Awakening and Fire Emblem Fates.


Galeforce is learned by Dark Fliers (at Level 15) in Awakening and Dark Falcons (at Level 35 or higher) in Fates.

In Awakening, whenever the user of the skill defeats an enemy in battle during their own turn, they are allowed another full turn of action, regardless if they are in a Pair Up or Dual System. The skill only activates once a Player's Turn.

In Fates, Galeforce will only activate if the user battles and defeats the opponent without any assistance (this means no Attack Stance, Guard Stance or Bold Stance). In addition, if the user has a Replicated copy with Galeforce, only one of them will activate Galeforce. This means if the original copy activates Galeforce, the replicated unit will be unable to use it for that turn, and vice versa.

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