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Galle (ガレ Gare) is a character who appears in the background story of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He was a bishop in ancient Jugdral, who traveled to Archanea by unknown means and made a blood pact with Loptyr, a survivor of a great war between Divine Dragons and Earth Dragons, serving as his first human host in exchange for great power. He then returned to Jugdral and used his dark powers to form an army, eventually conquering the entire continent and founding the Lopto Empire in place of the existing Kingdom of Gran. All rulers after Galle would take his name upon assuming the throne as Emperor, the last being Emperor Galle the Seventeenth, who was slain by the Twelve Crusaders following the Miracle of Darna. Prince Julius was carefully bred and groomed as his successor by Manfroy and the Lopto Sect, and would have re-established this rule, were it not for Seliph's intervention, which resulted in the ultimate destruction of Loptyr himself. Galle's known descendants are Maira, Cigyun, Arvis, Deirdre, Julius, Julia, Seliph, and Saias.

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