“Garlon was a child of such lineage, born in slavery under the Empire's lash. He was among the few who dared resist the unconquerable might of Kalbazan. His rebellion was brave, but in vain. In the end, Garlon fell, broken and beaten before the power of the black dragon. In his final moments, he prayed in tears. He called out to heaven, begging to any god who may be listening, to lend him the strength to stand back up and face Gerxel. And to his surprise, his prayers were answered. The Goddess Utna, daughter of the Earth Mother Miradona, appeared before him and drove away Kalbazan with her sacred light. For the next three years, they fought side-by-side against the Zoa Empire. The Goddess blessed him with her power and gave his blade the power to slay the unholy god-emperor.”
—Law talking about Garlon

Garlon (カーリュオン Kāryuon, fan translated as Carluon) is a background character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He was a descendant of the settlers hailing from the continent of Jugd. At the age of twenty, he fell in love with Miradona's supposed daughter, Utna, and together, they slew the dark dragon, Gerxel. Now hailed as a hero by the people, Garlon married Utna, and the two ruled Reeve as its emperor and empress. Eventually, they had four daughters (Reeve, Salia, Leda, and Canaan), who became priestesses of their own temples after his death.


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