“Yeah, she's makin' my mouth water.”
—Gerrard talking about Adean

Gerarrd (ゲラルド Gurarudo) is an enemy character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. He is a henchman of Prince Munnir of Verdane, and is involved in the invasion of Grannvale. Under Munnir's orders, he guards Evans Castle. He will eventually fall to Sigurd's troops.


Starting Class Holy Blood
FE4 Axe Fighter EnemyAxe Fighter -
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov Lead Gold
20 55 14 0 9 16 0 14 2 6 2FE4 Leadership Star 2,000
Skills Weapon Starting Items


FE4 AxeAxe - A

FE4SteelaxeSteel Axe
FE4HandaxeHand Axe


Gerrard may be marginally stronger than Dimaggio, but the player's forces have grown stronger as well. In particular, the Silver Sword that Sigurd just received will allow the player to take him out in two rounds of combat, three at most if regeneration is considered. Sigurd will likely not be able to survive two hits of the axe, so the player should make sure to check to make sure that Sigurd can survive a 32 might attack before engaging with him, and have Ethlyn heal him if his HP ever falls within KO range.

It is important to note that,though Gerrard comes equipped with a Steel Axe, he will automatically use his Hand Axe if he is attacked at a distance. The same AI quirk holds true for all enemies with multiple weapon slots, even though the player's units cannot replicate this trick.

For the curious, it is theoretically possible to get Arvis to kill Gerrard for the player, but doing so requires AI manipulation and luck.


Vs. Midayle
Gerrard: W, wait! You're using arrows, you coward!
Midayle: Shut up! Where's Lady Aideen!? Bring her back, now!!

“Grannvale dogs... Damn you!”
—Gerrard's battle quote

“Too bad for you... That dame of yours ain't here. Prince Munnir's got her.”
—Gerrard's death quote


Earl Gerald was a figure from Celtic mythology.

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