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“With your meager power you face a god! Pathetic insects!”
—Gerxel, on turn 20 of Map 40.

Gerxel is the final boss of TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the dark dragon who is worshiped by the Zoa Empire and the Gerxel Church. Pontifex Gwenchaos schemes to resurrect Gerxel through a ritual that requires the four shamans (Enteh, Katri, Neyfa, and Tia) as sacrifices.


The figure known as Gerxel was originally Kalbazan, an elder of the Zoa tribe who waged war against the founders of the Republic of Reeve hailing from the continent of Jugd. Seeking to avenge the Zoans who were defeated by Denoas, Kalbazan entered the temple where Miradona slept, and believing her to be the Dark God Gerxel who was worshiped by the Zoans, drank her blood and transformed into a powerful dragon. Renaming himself "Gerxel", he formed the Zoa Empire and attempted to conquer all of Lieberia. Eventually, the slave Utna was rescued by Miradona, who allowed to drink her blood. Now hailed as a goddess, Utna joined with the hero Garlon, and the two defeated Gerxel.

In the final chapter of TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga, Gerxel resurrects himself through Gwenchaos after Enteh, Katri, and Neyfa are sacrificed in the ritual. However, he is slain by a combined attack from Runan, Holmes, Sennet, and Tia before he could regain his full power and destroy humanity. After his second death, Miradona seals away his spirit.


Boss StatsEdit

Starting Class Group
Dark dragonDark Dragon TS group dragonDragon
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv Mov
30 60 10 30 30 25 0 30+40 30 0
Skills Weapon Starting Items

FrontierFrontier Fighter


Dark Breath★Dark Breath
Black Rain★Black Rain
Dragon Scale☆Dragon Scale
Dragon Mail☆Dragon Mail

Notes Edit

  • While it is not shown in the game, it is implied Gerxel has the power to shift between human and dragon forms like the other Emiyu-blooded characters.
  • The unused class, Naga Dragon, looks very similar to Gerxel's Dark Dragon class except it is white.


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