“Edain was nowhere to be found in Evans Castle. She had already been taken deep into Verdane territory. Verdane existed under the cover of a thick forest. In the past, Verdane's frequent encroachment of the border earned them the label of barbarians by the people of Grannvale. Under the reign of King Batou, Verdane witnessed a cessation of all fighting along the border. The amiable monarch succeeded in maintaining the peace with Grannvale, while pacifying his zealous sons. However, that very peace was ultimately violated by none other than King Batou. The king ordered his three sons to invade Grannvale. There was Cimbaeth of Genoa, the eldest son, Munnir of Marpha, and Jamke, the youngest of the three. Using the forest as cover, the savages awaited Sigurd's arrival. Where had Edain been swept off to? And what incited King Batou to invade Grannvale without warning? Sprawling before Sigurd lay the daunting Great Verdane Forest. He was about to set foot into the forest of spirits...”
—Opening Narration

Girl of the Spirit Forest is Chapter 1 of Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War

  • If Cimbaeth takes heavy damage, he will return to Genoa and emerge with reinforcements.
  • There are 3 Villages in this chapter, but none give out items.
  • There are 3 Churches in this chapter.
  • Quan can talk to Finn to give him a stat boost.


  • Capture Genoa
  • Conquer Marpha
  • Conquer Verdane

New UnitsEdit

Name Class Requirement
Dew Thief Automatically on the first enemy turn
Edain Priest Automatically on the first enemy turn
Ayra Swordfighter Talk with Sigurd, after taking Genoa
Deirdre Shaman Make Sigurd enter the forest between Marpha and Verdane
Jamke Bow Fighter Talk with Edain


Initiator Receiver Receive Criteria
Quan Finn Str+1, Skl+1, Def+1 -
Sigurd Edain - Edain recruited
Midayle/Azelle Edain 100 love points Edain recruited
Edain Ethlyn Return staff Edain recruited
Ayra Quan - Ayra recruited
Dew Edain Warp, 50 love points Genoa conquered

Secret EventEdit

If Lex moves to the tip of a peninsula just past the Spirit Forest and he still has an Iron Axe in his inventory, a cutscene involving the Maiden of the Lake occurs, culminating in Lex receiving the Brave Axe.

Arena DataEdit

Tier Name Class Melee weapon Ranged Weapon Lvl HP Str Mag Skl Spd Def Mdf
1 Gazack Axe Fighter Iron Axe Hand Axe 1 36 8 0 3 10 8 0
2 Crotor Mage Fire Fire 4 30 0 8 7 7 1 6
3 Wiseman Lance Knight Iron Lance Javelin 7 37 9 0 8 8 8 0
4 Shark Swordfighter Steel Sword (only appears in melee) 10 40 10 1 13 13 8 1
4 Hood Hunter (only appears in ranged) Steel Bow 10 40 10 0 13 13 8 1
5 Bachus Axe Armour Steel Axe Hand Axe 13 53 12 1 8 6 13 1
6 Emil Wind Mage Elwind, Speed Ring Elwind, Speed Ring 16 42 1 11 10 13 2 9
7 Dice General Steel Blade Steel Bow 19 59 15 1 11 10 17 4


Girl of the Spirit Forest/Script

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