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Generation 1

Chapter 1: Girl of the Spirit Forest


(Eldigan rides east from Nordion, reaching the border between Agustria and Verdane)

Eldigan: Good work. You've got the border.

Nordion soldier: Yes, my lord!

(Eldigan goes to Evans)

Eldigan: How've you been, Sigurd... So what prompted you to take Evans Castle? You're not formally attacking Verdane, are you?

Sigurd: Eldigan, thanks for coming! Verdane has taken Lady Edain of Jungby hostage. And they showed no signs of releasing her, so I was forced to take up arms.

Eldigan: So that's what's going on... I wouldn't leave this castle unattended if I were you. There's no telling what the lords of Agustria may do... I'll watch your back, Sigurd.

Sigurd: I sure appreciate it, Eldigan. Let's you and I meet up when this is all over. We'll find a cozy little spot, have a little wine... just like old times.

Eldigan: That sounds nice. May you be victorious, Sigurd!


Cimbaeth: Th' castle's in your hands, Ayra. You best not let me down while I'm gone, you follow? You pull any stunts and that little brat's history!

Shannan: These guys don't scare me, Ayra. Don't let them push you around!

Ayra: Shannan... All right, Cimbaeth. You've got my word, so just keep your hands off of him. I just wonder if I can really trust you to return him to me.

Cimbaeth: Heh... Look, he's all yours once we've gotten Evans Castle back.

Ayra: You better not double-cross me, Cimbaeth, because I'll hunt you down and put your head to a stick! Even if it takes me to the ends of hell! Got it?!

Cimbaeth: Whoa-woa! For such a pretty face, you sure can spew some filth! Just relax. I've no plans of making an enemy with someone of your swordsmanship.

Ayra: Shannan, stay strong. It'll only be for a little while.

Shannan: Ayra, forget it!

(Ayra leaves)

Shannan: Don't go!!

(Outside Genoa)

Cimbaeth: Hmph... All right, we're moving out. We WILL get Evans back!!

Turn 2

(Outside Marpha)

Jamke: Edain, grab the kid and get out of here! Munnir is going to find you guys. Now move it!

Edain: Prince Jamke, you're not joining us?

Jamke: No. I can't go against my father... even with all the mayhem my brothers are causing. I'm going to Verdane to see my father. I have to get him to see the wrong in all this.

Edain: Yes, indeed. This war has gone on long enough. Prince Jamke, you're our only hope. Do your best to persuade the king to end this war.

Dew: Edain, we gotta move now! It's gettin' too hairy 'round here. Munnir'll rip out my tongue next time they find me!

Jamke: Dew, you were just asking to get locked up, you little thief. You're just lucky Edain pleaded for your release. No more stealing, am I correct?

Dew: Look, I promised Edain, too. I'm finished with the thievin' business, okay?

Jamke: I'll take your word, Dew. Now you two get going!

(Jamke walks west a little bit)

Jamke: Edain... I hope we meet again.


Munnir: My brother set Edain free?! He's back in Verdane, you say... Grr... That idiot! You bring the woman an' that little thief back here. If they resist ya, do 'em in.

Sigurd's army nears Genoa

Ayra: All right, let's do this. Anyone that gets near me is going down!

Conquering Genoa and Ayra is alive

Oifey: Sir, there was a small child locked up in this castle's dungeon.

Shannan: .....

Sigurd: What's up? Why aren't you talking? Who locked you up in there?

Shannan: ...Aren't you Cimbaeth' men?

Sigurd: We took care of Cimbaeth. You're safe with us.

Shannan: Really? Then Ayra doesn't have to fight anymore! They're makin' my auntie fight against her will! Please, you gotta help her!!

Sigurd: That swordfighter out there? I thought there was something different about her. I'll go let her know you're all right. So what's your name?

Shannan: Shannan. I'm... uh... prince of the kingdom of Isaach.

Sigurd: YOU are the prince of Isaach? You're serious, aren't you? I bet you've been through a lot. You're best to stay with our troops for now. Just be patient for the time being. You'll make it back to your country someday.

Oifey: Sir, we're currently at war with Isaach. Shouldn't we inform the king of this...?

Sigurd: Oifey, that war has nothing to do with this child. I don't care where he's from. We'll find a way to get him home. For now I just want to keep him safe.

Oifey: Understood.

(Sigurd leaves)

Oifey: Wow... Sir Sigurd sure is a kindhearted man.

Ayra: What?! Grannvale has taken Genoa Castle? I must get to Shannan...

Conquering Genoa and Ayra is dead

Oifey: Sir, there was a small child locked up in the castle's dungeon.

Sigurd: Who are you? Do you have a name?

Shannan: I'm Shannan... prince of Isaach. ...Aren't you Cimbaeth's men?

Sigurd: YOU are the prince of Isa--?! Forgive me. I am Sigurd, Holy Knight of Grannvale. We took care of Cimbaeth. You're safe with us.

Shannan: Really? Then Ayra doesn't have to fight anymore! They're makin' my auntie fight against her will! Please, you gotta help her!

Sigurd: Ayra?! You mean that swordfighter? But she, uh... well...

Shannan: Wha? She's dead? You guys killed her?!

Sigurd: Geez, I'm sorry! I had no idea!

Shannan: Aaaaaaagh... Ayra!

Sigurd: Oifey, look after Shannan until he's calmed down a bit.

Oifey: Sir, we're currently at war with Isaach. Shouldn't we inform the king of this?

Sigurd: Oifey, that war has nothing to do with this child. I don't care where he's from. We'll find a way to get him home. For now I just want to keep him safe.

Oifey: Understood.

(Sigurd leaves)

Oifey: Wow... Sir Sigurd sure is a kindhearted man.

Ayra enters Genoa before Sigurd talks to her

Ayra: Shannan's not here?! Grr! Grannvale must have taken him! They're dead!!

Sigurd talks with Ayra after seizing Genoa

Sigurd: Ayra, wait! We've got Prince Shannan. You don't need to fight anymore!

Ayra: What?! YOU rescued Shannan? Prove it to me!

Sigurd: Prince Shannan told me that you're the younger sister to the king of Isaach. He also said that you'd be hostile towards us since we're from Grannvale. But consider the facts. You have a young prince to protect. Is this war really worth risking your life over?!

Ayra: My brother, the king, was prepared for death when he entrusted Shannan to me. We've come this far... But you're right. I can't risk my life for Verdane! I must see Shannan through until he's old enough to become a respectable king.

Sigurd: Then put down your sword. As a descendant of Baldur, the Crusader of Light, I will not betray you.

Ayra: ...Consider your trust reciprocated, then. That's the way of the Isaachian warrior. For now I consecrate my sword to thee. But I still view Grannvale as my sworn enemy. Just so you're prepared for the day when that enemy may include you.

Sigurd: War sure can be cruel. Ayra, warrior of Isaach... I pray that day never comes.

The next Enemy Phase

(East of Nordion, Elliot appears with a group of Lance Knights)

Elliot: Humph... Grannvale's invading Verdane with that small an army? How asinine. Okay, here's our chance. First we take Evans, then we'll shoot straight for the border!

Nordion soldier: Is that... That's Heirhein's troops! King Eldigan must be informed immediately!

Other Phase, Nordion

Eldigan: What? Heirhein has troops heading for Evans? Hmm... Elliot just couldn't stay out of this, could he... Lachesis, watch the castle. I'm going to back Sigurd up.

Lachesis: Do what you can for him, Eldigan.

Eldigan: Cross Knights, move out! Our battle is with Prince Elliot of Heirhein. His troops shouldn't pose much of a threat, but do stay alert.

(Outside Nordion)

Eldigan: Elliot, as a knight, I can't have you sneaking around like some petty thief. Just pull out right now. I know you're not ready to face me either.

Elliot: Eldigan, are you mad?! Don't tell me you've sided with Grannvale!

Eldigan: Don't you realize you're running in direct violation of our superior's orders? The reverent King Agusty has no desire to wage war against Grannvale.

Elliot: Only you would be foolish enough to take that old man seriously anymore. Besides, all the lords of the dominion have already unified against Grannvale.

Eldigan: Not all of them! Anyway, a war now would incur huge sacrifices on both sides! Our past is a testament to that. The noble class aren't the ones who suffer in the end. It's the powerless citizens who suffer, and I'm not about to let that happen!

Elliot: As always your head is in the clouds, Eldigan. I knew it'd come to this sooner or later. Let's settle this once and for all. Men, Nordion is now the enemy! I want Eldigan dead!!

Elliot is defeated

Eldigan: Elliot fled, did he? Let him be for now. Withdraw to the castle!

Approaching Marpha

Munnir: What the hell's goin' on out there! Those of you ready for battle, move out! Don't let them near the castle!!

Marpha is seized

Deirdre: Stop it... Let go of me!

Ruffian: Heh heh... What s'matter? Don'cha wanna have a little fun?

Deirdre: Please... just let me be on my way!

Ruffian: Grr! Sweetie, you best just shut your trap!

Sigurd: Hey, what's going on here? Let go of the girl.

Ruffian: What gives? ...Ulp! It's that Grannvalean Holy Knight!

Sigurd: That's right, so get moving! Nothing gets under my skin more than scum like you! You apologize to the girl and get out of my sight!

Ruffian: All right already. Er... Sorry, miss. I's just havin' a little fun.

Sigurd: Are you okay? Did he hurt you at all?

Deirdre: No, I'm fine. Thank you very much... Sigurd.

Sigurd: Huh? You know who I am?

Deirdre: Yes, I met a woman here in the castle a little while ago named Edain.

Sigurd: Edain said something about me?

Deirdre: She did. You're just how I imagined you to be.

Sigurd: What's, uh... your name?

Deirdre: I'm sorry. I... I must go!

Sigurd: Hey... hold on! I just wanted to talk...

Deirdre: I'm sorry. I'm glad we were able to meet.

Sigurd: Wha-What's the problem? Wait!

(Deirdre leaves)

Sigurd: Sheesh!

(Deirdre starts walking away, looks back longingly, and continues into the Spirit Forest)

(Back in Marpha)

Elderly man: Sigurd, what seems to be troubling you?

Sigurd: That woman who was just here... Do you know who she is?

Elder: Ahh, yes. That'd be Deirdre. She's a shaman of the Spirit Forest.

Sigurd: Deirdre… She’s so beautiful.

Elder: A-ha! Even a man of your caliber falls readily for a pretty woman. Perhaps it’s love at first sight?

Sigurd: Sir, please, I’m serious. There was something about her… I hope to meet her again.

Elder: That might be a tad difficult. You see, the villagers of the Spirit Forest do not involve themselves with the outside world. Moreover, that girl you’re so fond of is strictly forbidden from associating with men. The villagers believe a great catastrophe will befall us if that were ever violated. I’ll get right to the point, Sigurd. Resign yourself of that girl.

Sigurd: That sounds like superstitious nonsense to me. Nobody should be forced to live like that. Deirdre… we must meet again.

Enemy Phase, Verdane Castle

Jamke: Father, you still won’t listen after all I’ve told you?! Munnir and Cimbaeth have failed, and the enemy’ll be striking here before you know it. Commander Sigurd of Grannvale is by no means a bad person. Please, withdraw the troops!

Batou: Originally, Grannvale was preparing to strike US! That’s why I allowed Munnir’s raid. I never intended for it to get this out of hand.

Jamke: That sorcerer Sandima is behind all of this, isn’t he… You, Munnir and Cimbaeth have trusted him far too much. He has deceived all of you!

Sandima: Well, well… Prince Jamke. I think we’ve said enough haven’t we? I believe you, as prince, have an obligation to command an attack on the enemy. Your negligence to do so could have… grave consequences on the kingdom’s future.

Jamke: Sandima! You bastard!!

Batou: Jamke, Sandima’s right. Now go and lead our troops into battle.

Jamke: Father!! There’s just no convincing you, is there… All right, I’ll do it. But if I make it back alive, Sandima, I’m taking you out!!

(Jamke leaves)

Batou: Sandima, have you been forthright with me all this time? It was you who said that Grannvale was conspiring to take my kingdom.

Sandima: What’s that? Here I thought Verdane would work out somehow… You’re just a bunch of savages. I’ve no longer any use for you. I’ll be taking command of the troops from here on out.

Batou: What’re you doing?! Guh! Uuaaaaaagh…!

Sandima: Hmph... Wretched old fool.

(Manfroy arrives)

Manfroy: You’ve killed King Batou, I see. Do you expect Verdane’s soldiers will listen to you?

Sandima: Archbishop Manfroy! When did you arrive? The soldiers won’t pose a problem. I can just tell them the king has fallen ill.

Manfroy: So be it. How are things otherwise? Is everything running as planned?

Sandima: My humblest apologies. Our invasion of Grannvale has met with unexpected difficulties. A nuisance by the name of Sigurd keeps stirring up trouble.

Manfroy: Well, how about the Loptyrian blood link? Have you located Cigyun’s daughter yet?

Sandima: Well, nothing as of yet, but I…

Manfroy: You imbecile! Well, the boy… Cigyun’s son is in Belhalla at the moment. But he’s of no use to us without the girl… Allow me to explain. Cigyun was a descendant of Prince Maira the Lopto Emperor’s younger brother. In short, Cigyun was the only surviving descendant of the Loptyr Clan. Now Cigyun broke the Maira Decree by bearing two children. You follow me, Sandima?

Sandima: Yes. By uniting the blood of her offspring, the Dark Lord Loptyr shall be revived!

Manfroy: Precisely. Now in order for us, the remnants of the Lopto Empire, to once again enter the world stage, we must awaken the Dark Lord at any cost. Sandima, you know as well as I what we’ve been through. We’ve spent the last hundred years in hiding deep within the Yied Desert, suffering extreme hardships, dreaming the day would come for us to rebuild the Empire. Well, that day is now upon us!

Sandima: Understood. I will see my mission through, even if it takes my last breath!

Edain speaks with Jamke

Edain: Prince Jamke! Wait!!

Jamke: Edain, is that you?

Edain: I thought you went to talk to your father! Now we’re fighting? What is going on?!

Jamke: I don’t know. Something was real odd about him. He just wouldn’t listen to me. Everything’s been upside-down since that Sandima showed up. My father and brothers have done anything he has asked them to.

Edain: So why does that bring you into battle? Please Jamke, don’t do this! Let’s return to Verdane and speak with the king once more. We’re stopping this war! Sir Sigurd did not come here to invade your country. He was merely fighting to rescue me. Please, Jamke, listen to reason!

Jamke: All right, let’s give it one more try. And I’m exposing that traitor once and for all. But nobody lays a finger on my father. That’s my one condition.

Edain: I’ll see to it no one does. Thank you, Jamke. You really are a good person.

Jamke: Edain…

Deirdre appears in the Forest, Sandima is still alive

Deirdre: Sigurd… wait.

Sigurd: Deirdre, is that you?! Ah, so this is the Spirit Forest! I’m so happy to see you! I thought we’d never meet again.

Deirdre: Sigurd, listen to me. There’s an evil priest at Verdane Castle named Sandima. His black magic is deadly, so don’t even think of approaching him… Please!

Sigurd: I’ve put everyone in enough danger as it is… I’ll do it alone.

Deirdre: ...Then I’m going with you.

Sigurd: You’re what?!

Deirdre: I have a Silence Staff with me. I can block magic with it as long as my magic power can overcome his resistance. I’ll silence that Sandima… you’ll see!

Sigurd: Whoa! Sounds like you could take him yourself! Wh… why are you helping me?

Deirdre: I tried putting you out of my mind, but I… I just don’t want to lose you. Oh, what am I to do...

Sigurd: I don’t know why you’re so afraid. If we both feel the same for each other we’ve nothing to fear. I… I believe I’ve fallen for you, Deirdre.

Deirdre appears in the Forest, Sandima is defeated

Deirdre: Sigurd… wait.

Sigurd: Deirdre, is that you?! Ah, so this is the Spirit Forest! I’m so happy to see you! I thought we’d never meet again.

Deirdre: Sigurd, I heard of Sandima’s death. I was so worried he’d find me. He was a black priest sent by an underground religious sect to find me.

Sigurd: Underground religious sect? What’s this all about?

Deirdre: Well, all I know is what the woman who raised me told me on her deathbed. She said there exists in this world a religious sect that follows the Dark Lord Loptyr. The Dark Lord was presumed dead, but they’ve secretly been planning his resurrection.

Sigurd: I’ve heard something about that, too. So why are they after you?

Deirdre: The Dark Lord lies dormant within my blood, and through me they can resurrect him. I was told they must never find me. I am also forbidden to be with a man.

Sigurd: Geez… you must always be on the run. You avoided me quick, didn’t you?

Deirdre: I was afraid I’d fall for you, Sigurd. I tried putting you out of my mind, but I… I just don’t want to lose you. Oh, what am I to do…

Sigurd: Deirdre, I can understand why you’re scared. But there’s no reason to let this ruin your whole life for you. Deirdre, I vow to keep you out of harm’s way. I won’t let anyone hurt you. If we both feel the same for each other, then we’ve nothing to fear. Dear Lord, if you deem our love for each other to be a sin, I beg of you… punish me! I won’t regret it for a second… even if it means a thousand blades upon my chest! I only ask that you watch over my beloved Deirdre… unto all eternity!

Deirdre: Sigurd...

Conquering Verdane

(If you lost Deirdre)

Sigurd: Deirdre?! Thank God, you’re all right!

Deirdre: Yes, I was captured and placed in this castle, but I knew you’d come for me.

(Otherwise, it skips those two lines)

Oifey: Sir, there’s a report of an injury in the Royal Palace. It appears to be King Batou. He has sustained heavy injuries. He’s very likely beyond our help.

Sigurd: King Batou, what happened to you?! Please… hold on!

Batou: Urgh... Sigurd, my apologies for all you had to go through… This was all Sandima’s doing… He deceived me while conning my two sons in an attempt to take control of the country.

Sigurd: Yes, I’m aware of that. Please, don’t overexert yourself. You just need some rest.

Batou: No... I’m already done for. But before I die, I have one last thing I must tell you. The evil that’s rearing its head across the continent is all the work of the Loptyrian Cult. They’re out to destroy all that’s good and hasten the revival of the Dark Lord Loptyr. Sandima incited our attack on Grannvale solely to further their cause. They have infested the world, Sigurd. You must stay sharp and not be led astray! Please absolve my failure and keep my citizens from harm’s way. S... Sigurd, I beg of you...

Sigurd: King Batou... No... What IS this Loptyrian Cult anyway...

Village conversations Edit

Villager: The lord of Genoa, Cimbaeth, is a downright terrible man. He has attacked our village on numerous occasions. It’s been dreadful. And things had been so peaceful under the reign of King Batou... Anyway, we’re all so glad that you’ve come!

Villager: The king of this country is very kind. He would’ve been the last person to wage a war. That sorcerer, Sandima, is behind all of this. Everything began going downhill the moment he showed up. Aside from the youngest prince, Jamke, Sandima has them all wrapped around his finger. Please, I beg of you... save our kingdom!

Villager: There’s a dense forest jus’ north of this village. T’is called th’ “Spirit Forest.” I used t’live there once upon a time in a village hidden deep within th’ forest. Th’ legend goes that Saint Maira was exiled by his fellow Lopt clansmen for allying with us humans. That village is where all of Maira’s descendants holed up t’avoid persecution. While I was there, a beautiful girl named Cigyun was living under th’ village’s custody. That was due t’her bein’ th’ last remaining descendant of th’ Lopto prince. But Cigyun grew tired of th’ forest life. She up and left thus breaking village law. She returned several years later expectin’ a child. She gave birth to a little girl, but tragically didn’t survive. Apparently, the village fortune-teller took after raising the child. I wonder where the child is now… If she’s livin’ she’d be around 17 or 18 I imagine.

Events Edit

Lex’s Brave Axe Edit

Lex: Damn! I dropped my axe!!

(A mysterious lady appears)

Lady: Was the axe you dropped this gold axe? Or perhaps this silver one?

Lex: Nah, it was nothing as nice as either of them. It was just an old iron axe.

Lady: You are very honest. As a reward for your honesty I present you with the Brave Axe. Farewell, Lex…

Lex: …?!

Speaking with Nordion soldiers (prior to seizing Genoa and Marpha)

Nordion soldier: We’ll take care of everything beyond this point.

Conversations Edit

Quan and Finn Edit

Quan: Finn, this war may drag on for a while. Sorry to have to drag you into it.

Finn: Your Highness, I am a knight of Leonster. I’ll go wherever you’ll have me.

Quan: I appreciate it.

Finn: Of course, I am still only an apprentice. I doubt I’ll be of much help to you.

Quan: Yeah? Then let’s use this opportunity to teach you a bit about the art of war. Here, Finn. Take this lance.

Finn: Thank you very much, Your Highness!

Sigurd and Edain Edit

Sigurd: Edain! I’m glad to see you’re in one piece!

Edain: Sir Sigurd! So you’re the one behind my rescue! Oh, I’m terribly sorry to bring all of you from Chalphy into this.

Sigurd: No worries there. Everyone will just be glad to know that you’re all right. We have things under control here, Edain. Why don’t you head on back to Grannvale?

Edain: No, I’m staying. There’s bound to be more injuries further along. I want to help others in the service of the Lord.

Sigurd: Edain… Didn’t you leave the knighthood to become a nun? I think it suits you perfectly. I’d do well to learn a thing or two from you myself.

Edain: Actually, the sole reason I joined the nunnery is… Well, it’s to aid the chances of finding my sister.

Sigurd: You must mean Briggid. She’s been missing since your childhood hasn’t she… You still believe you can find her, do you?

Edain: That’s correct. And when I do, I must give the Holy Bow Yewfelle to her!

Midayle and Edain Edit

Midayle: Milady! You’re all right! Oh… What a relief! My humblest apologies for all you had to go through!

Edain: Midayle, I’m just happy that you’re not hurt. Let’s put this all behind us. You did your very best, and that’s all I could ever ask for. Do me a favor, Midayle, and stay with Sir Sigurd’s troops.

Midayle: I’d be more than happy to. I am greatly indebted to him for rescuing Jungby Castle for us, and you as well!

Azelle and Edain Edit

Azelle: Lady Edain! You aren’t hurt, are you?

Edain: Azelle of Velthomer? You’ve been helping out as well, have you?

Azelle: Yeah, when I heard that you’d been kidnapped, I couldn’t concentrate on anything! I came as fast as I could.

Edain: Your brother is Lord Arvis, isn’t he? Did you get his permission before coming?

Azelle: Nope… And he’s not going to be happy with me either.

Edain: Then why did you do such a silly thing? Besides, I thought you hated fighting.

Azelle: Well… I, uh…

Edain: What’s that, Azelle?

Azelle: Er… nevermind.

Edain and Ethlyn Edit

Ethlyn: Edain, are you all right?! I heard that you’d been kidnapped… I was so worried!

Edain: Oh, Ethlyn! You were out here fighting for me too, were you… Thank you so much. I’m ever so grateful. Here, please have this staff. I’m sure you’ll get more use out of it than I.

Ethlyn: This is a Return staff, isn’t it? Thank you, Edain! I’ll put it to good use.

Quan and Ayra Edit

Quan: Hello, I’m Quan of Leonster. Sigurd tells me that you’re Princess Ayra from Isaach.

Ayra: …Nice to meet you. Quan: I’m sorry, but I just have to ask you: why did Isaach attack Darna? You had to have known Grannvale would get involved. I just can’t fathom why King Mananan would do something like that.

Ayra: You actually know my father, Quan?!

Quan: No. Not personally. But my father did. He had a very high opinion of your father. He also thought your brother, Prince Mariccle, was a fine young man.

Ayra: He said that, did he… That makes me proud. They were both highly respected soldiers. Neither would ever condone an attack on defenseless people. The leader of Rivough… He’s the one who besieged Darna, not my father.

Quan: You’re kidding! Why hasn’t Grannvale been informed of that? Prince Kurth would surely reconsider his offensive if he knew that.

Ayra: My father thought so as well. After executing Rivough’s leader, he left for Grannvale’s front line, head and all, to explain everything. However…

Quan: What?

Ayra: My father was assassinated at the Grannvalean front. When Isaach heard word of the king’s death, the people went into a rage! Mariccle thus proceeded to launch a full-scale attack against Grannvale.

Quan: Whew… I just can’t imagine Prince Kurth acting so rashly. Does Sigurd know about all of this?

Ayra: No. Sigurd has his hands full here as it is. Besides, I don’t think Mariccle…

Quan: …survived? Prince Mariccle knew he would perish in battle, huh… Ayra: He believed the future of Isaach rests in Shannan’s survival. My job is to make sure Shannan grows up safe and sound.

Quan: I see… Well, don’t lose hope, Ayra. Someday the truth will come to light. In the meantime, I’ll try to help you out however I can.

Ayra: That’s very kind of you, Quan.

Dew and Edain Edit

Dew: Hey, Edain. I got somethin’ for ya. Check out this staff I found. I can’t get it t’do nothin’, so there’s no point in me keepin’ it.

Edain: Oh, this is a Warp, Dew. Where’d you find it?

Dew: Umm… It was… uh, over there! Yeah, that’s where I found it. I betcha one of those gods dropped ‘er outta the sky just for you!

Edain: Yeah, right, Dew. Well, it well help out around here to have it. Thanks.