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“Yes, he was burned to death Muse's breath attack. My father was trying so hard to end the war... When there was finally hope of a treaty in Nolzeria, my father was overjoyed and headed over at once. But the Empire had resurrected the Holy Dragon Muse. My father was reduced to ash along with thousands of other innocent people...”
—Runan talking about Glamdr

Glamdr is a background character from TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He was the duke of Razelia and the father of Runan. He was a close friend of both Vals of Granada and Queen Liza of Wellt. After Maeve was imprisoned by Naris in the Temple of Water, Glamdr discovered her whereabouts and managed to smuggle her out of the temple for three days. At this time, he gave her the name "Enteh" and introduced her to Runan.

Some time prior to the game's events, Glamdr arrived at a peace conference in Nolzeria, overjoyed by this opportunity to end the war. However, the conference was attacked by Muse, who killed both him and Prince Arless of Canaan, as well as thousands of other people.

It is mentioned that Runan has a striking resemblance to him, as well as a similar aura of heroism.

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