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The Golden Gaffe
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveRout the enemy
Units Allowed10
Units Gained-

“Gold--a fiendish brilliance that tempts people. A theft occurs in the military base and Lissa's secret savings have been snatched by the Risen. Although reluctant, Chrom marches into the enemy base to recover Lissa's cash...”
—Opening Narration

The Golden Gaffe (Gold and Silver in the Japanese version) is Xenologue 13 of Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Chrom faces a legion of gold-carrying Risen who are only interested in escaping the map from the south. They will not attack Chrom's army but will retaliate when attacked. The amount of gold on this map totals varies from about 70,000G to about 84,000G. The Risen vary in class, class-tiers, and level. These Risen also all have the Pass skill, allowing them to escape the map much faster. The higher level and higher tier they are, the more gold they will yield upon defeat.


A script of the Xenologue can be found here.

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