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Goldoa crest

National Emblem of Goldoa

Goldoa (ゴルドア Gorudoa) is a location from the Tellius Series of Fire Emblem. It is an isolationist country that is inhabited by the dragon tribe laguz. The current ruler is King Dheginsea, one of Ashera's three heroes who fought against Yune. Under his rule, the country is hostile for all foreigners and refuses to allow any of them to enter. As a result, Goldoans rarely meet with any other laguz of beorc that are not of their own kind. However, this policy is eventually ended by Dheginsea's youngest son and successor, Prince Kurthnaga, who opens the borders to the rest of the world after Ashera's defeat.


Tellius map

Tellius, with Goldoa highlighted in purple.

Goldoa is situated in the southwest of Tellius, bordering Gallia to the northwest and Begnion to the northeast. It has a coast on the Gazaleah Sea to the west, as well as another on the South Sea. Surrounded by mountains, it is located in a volcanic region and its landscape consists mainly of open plains. The Kauku Caves of Begnion contain a passage to Goldoa, which is used by the Laguz Alliance during its escape from the Begnion Central Army in Part 3 of Radiant Dawn.

Family treeEdit

Notable GoldoansEdit

  • Dheginsea - King of Goldoa.
  • Kurthnaga - Dheginsea's son and the Prince.
  • Gareth - Dheginsea's loyal servant.
  • Nasir - Ena's grandfather.
  • Ena - Nasir's granddaughter.
  • Almedha - Rajaion and Kurthnaga's sister, and Soren's mother. (The latter fact is only made known when certain conditions in Radiant Dawn are met.)
  • Rajaion - Almedha and Kurthnaga's brother, Ashnard's steed as a feral, Ena's fiance and the father of her child.


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