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“My father knew Agustria was about to be engulfed in war. So he sent me and my frail mother to her parent's residence in Leonster. But I lost my dear mother to the flames of war during the empire's invasion of Leonster.”
—Ares telling Nanna about Grahnye's fate in Chapter 8

Grahnye (グラーニェ Gurānye) is an background character from the Jugdral Series of Fire Emblem.


Grahnye is Eldigan's wife and the mother of Ares, and was a citizen of Leonster before marrying her husband. When Agustria waged war with Grannvale, Eldigan sent Grahnye and Ares to Leonster for their own safety.

However, Grahnye died when the Grannvale Empire invaded Leonster. Young Ares was then adopted and raised as a mercenary by Jabarro. As mentioned in the quote above, Ares appears to be able to fondly remember his mother, despite the fact that she passed on when he was still at a very young age.

Grahyne never appears in the game itself, but is merely mentioned in passing by her son. Grahnye's identity and name are later revealed alongside her family members in the Fire Emblem: Treasure artbook.

Other AppearancesEdit

In the Mitsuki Oosawa's adaptation, Eldigan's wife is named Iria. Unlike Grahnye, she has a very unsympathetic character, and is shown to be jealous of Eldigan's close relationship with Raquesis. As a result, she behaves in a rather cold and merciless manner whenever she is in their presence. While she does give Raquesis permission to join Sigurd's army in Eldigan's place, Sigurd and Raquesis soon realize that Iria is only doing so in the hopes that she will get killed in battle. Like her game counterpart, she is a citizen of Leonster and is subsequently killed during Grannvale's invasion. Iria's appearance is very different from Grahnye's as well, sporting blonde hair and a more regal wardrobe, compared to Grahnye's modest dressing and light brown-colored hair.


In the Fenian cycle of Irish mytholygy, Gráinne (pronounced Grahnye) is the intended wife of Fionn mac Cumhaill, leader of the Fianna. She falls in love with the Fianna knight Diarmuid Ua Duibhne because of a magical "love spot" on his forehead and places a geis on him to run away with her. The two are eventually pardoned by Fionn and settle in Kerry, where they have five children. Diarmuid is later injured in a hunting accident and Fionn intentionally allows him to die. After this, her actions vary between versions of the story. In some versions she mourns her husband until she dies herself, while in others she swears her sons to avenge their father's death on Fionn. In still others she forgives Fionn, or even marries him.

Gráinne is consistently shown to be shallow, willful, ruthless, and passionate in all versions of the myth, leading some to call her neurotic.

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