A map of Grannvale from Genealogy of the Holy War.

Grannvale (グランドベル Gurandoberu, Grandbell in the Japanese version) was a kingdom founded by Saint Heim during the Gran Calendar Year 649. Its royal family resides in Belhalla Castle. In addition to Belhalla Castle, Grannvale has six Duchies: Chalphy, Jungby, Velthomer, Freege, Dozel, and Edda. This country also has the highest number of descendants of the Twelve Crusaders, contributing to over half of the crusaders (Heim, Fala, Baldur, Blaggi, Tordo, Ulir and Neir). The Fire Emblem does not appear in Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, but it is mentioned as the family crest of the Velthomer house by the person succeeding it.

During the time of the First Generation of Genealogy of the Holy War, Grannvale annexes more and more land that belongs to countries that it subdues. The first country that Grannvale fully subdues and annexes is the Kingdom of Verdane during the Gran Calendar Year 757. The next country that Grannvale fully subdues and annexes is the country of Isaach during the Gran Calendar Year 759, which happens after barbarians from Rivough attack Darna, and the Dominion of Agustria is also fully subdued and annexed later in the same year. This is the last country that is subdued and annexed before the end of the First Generation and the Battle of Belhalla.

After the Battle of Belhalla but before the time of the Second Generation of Genealogy of the Holy War, Grannvale continues to subdue and annex countries under the reign of Emperor Arvis. During the Gran Calendar Year 761, Silesse is subdued and annexed by Grannvale, and at the same time, the Kingdom of Thracia invades and subdues the Manster District. However, during the Gran Calendar Year 762, Grannvale invades the Thracian Peninsula, successfully defeats Thracia in Manster, and annexes the northern half. The country of Miletos is also annexed, but it is not known when. At this point, the only country not annexed by Grannvale on the continent of Jugdral remains Thracia, and the Grannvale Empire is born.. At some point after this, the Dark Dragon God Loptyr descends into Prince Julius when he is given the tome of Loptyr, and at the same time, Empress Deirdre dies and Princess Julia goes missing. After this, Child Hunts start to occur and the Grannvale Empire becomes extremely totalitarian. Initially, public support for the new Grannvale Empire is high, but declined soon after the Child Hunts start to occur and conditions worsened to the point the people become treated like slaves. Meanwhile, Oifey and Shannan had been organizing a liberation army between Chapter 5 and 6 with the purpose of overthrowing the empire.

Seventeen years after the Battle of Belhalla, the second generation of Genealogy of the Holy War begins, and the liberation army led by Seliph begins to liberate Jugdral. The first country to become liberated is the country of Isaach, in Chapter 6. In Chapter 7 and 8, the Manster District is liberated. In Chapter 9, the Kingdom of Thracia is overthrown for continuing to ally with the Grannvale Empire, while in Chapter 10, the country of Miletos is liberated. At the beginning of the Final Chapter, the people of Agustria and Silesse start to fight against the Grannvale Empire, and civil war starts in both. During the Final Chapter, the presently totalitarian country of Grannvale is overthrown, and Seliph becomes the king of Grannvale. Also, members of the liberation army move into Agustria and Silesse to fully defeat the remnants of the Grannvale Empire and liberate those countries.


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