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Grima's Truth (魔書ギムレー, Masho Gimurē lit. Demon Book Gimurei) is a Dark Magic tome from Fire Emblem Awakening. The personal tome of Validar, Grima's Truth is said to be capable of channelling the powers of the Fell Dragon from whom it gets its name. The symbol on the cover of the tome is the Mark of Grima.

Weapon StatsEdit

Name Type

Gimle tome dark Grima's Truth

TomeIconFE13 Tome (Dark Magic)

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Rng WEx Worth
B -- 12 80% 0% 1~2 -- --

May only be wielded by Dark Mages and Sorcerers.


  • The animation for Grima's Truth resembles that of the Book of Naga's animation from Fire Emblem Awakening in terms of appearance.
    • This book may be a reference to the Loptyr Tome of Genealogy of the Holy War. Both are wielded by those with a connection to their namesakes, and are to defy a weapon created by Naga. Grima's Truth does not bolster the defense of its wielder, however, but is instead complemented by Validar's Dragonskin skill in the higher difficulty levels.
  • In the Double Duel "Henry's Spellslingers", Henry wields Grima's Truth, despite the tome being an unobtainable weapon.


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