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Endgame: Grima
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveDefeat Boss
Units AllowedChrom +15
Units Gained-

“The final battle looms, as does a choice: return Grima to his slumber with Chrom's sword or slay the dragon in exchange for [the] Avatar's life.”
—Opening Narration

Grima (Evil Dragon Gimurei in the Japanese version) is the Final Chapter (a.k.a. "Endgame") of Fire Emblem: Awakening.



The transcript for this chapter can be found here.

Final QuotesEdit

“Fight back, Avatar! You swore to do so, remember? Now keep your damn word!”

“Come back to us, Avatar!”

“I know it would take more than this to stop you, sir/milady!”

“You gonna let that ugly snake get the last hiss? Come on!”

“History is watching, Avatar! The bards would sing of your triumph!”

“Wake up, Avatar! Only I get to oversleep!”

“On your feet, soldier! Don’t make ol’ Teach give ya a lecture!”

“Arise from your hypnopompic state! You are sorely needed here!”

“Avatar, remember all the days we spent together!”

“Hello? Can you hear me? ...Perhaps if I shout? AAAAAAAAAH!”

“I need ya to come on back, y’hear?!”

“Answer us, Avatar!”
Lon'qu if the Avatar is male.

“...A-answer us, Avatar!”
—Lon'qu if the Avatar is female.

“Please, Avatar! You’re too important to me!”

“Get up right this instant, or suffer a swift smack from my parasol!”

“Do not rob the taguel of one of our last true champions!”

“Up and at ‘em, Avatar! One dragon oughta be a piece of cake!”

“We’re all right here by your side!”

“Gregor will snap you out of it! Gregor does with YELLING!”

“I thought I was your favorite dragon! Forget about Grima!”

“The gods gave you to us. I do not believe they wish you taken away!”

“Get up, Avatar! No one goes down without my say so...”

“Avatar, you can’t close up shop on us now! We still need you!”

“Please, Avatar! I haven’t shown you my new dance!”

“Minerva wants you back, and so do I!”

“I know the darkness is warm and delicious...But too much of a good thing is just bad!”

“Aye, awaken! You cannot leave now, with my debt to you unpaid!”

“You are not Grima, nor is he you. Remember that, Avatar!”

“Pull it together, lad! Death is overrated, believe me!”

“You don’t bow to dragons. You break ‘em!”

“You have earned my trust and my love, sir/milady. Now return to us!”

“Heed not the dark’s eerie call, friend! Summon forth the strength inside you!”

“I can think of nothing worse than dyng alone. ...No, seriously, I can’t.”

“Come on, bud! No givin’ up now!”

“This is a test, and by the gods, you’re gonna pass it!”

“Come on! You need to fight with us!”

“If you don’t come back, I’m never going to forgive you!”

“We lost to the fell dragon once. Do not grant fate a second victory!”

“Father/Mother! You mean everything to me! I can’t lose you again!”

“You’re going to be okay, right? ...I need you to keep me safe.”

“It is inconceivable that our rollicking adventure might end at this juncture.”

“Blood and thunder! Return to us now!”

“You’ll return. I know you will.”

“One nip from a dragon and you're down? Get up, you craven schoolboy/schoolgirl!”

“Rise, Avatar! Show this god that man is made of sterner stuff!”


“...... ...Avatar!”

“Oh, Avatar, no taking the easy way out-I haven't finished with you yet!”

“True champions find victory in the darkest. Show us, Avatar!”


This battle takes place atop the Fell Dragon's back, with the Grima-controlled Avatar resting on the other side. To win this battle, you must be able to defeat Grima as quickly as possible. As long as Grima stays alive, Grimleal reinforcements will keep coming on the field via Sigil panels every turn, which can wear down even your toughest units. It is best to pair Chrom and your Avatar (if on the map) with seasoned flying units, such as Sumia, Cordelia, or Cherche to advance to the boss in the least amount of turns. In turn, these Pair Ups will also increase Chrom and the Avatar's speed stats, most likely overpowering Grima with twice your normal damage which can spell out a few extra damage when the enemies carry Hard and Lunatic skills and on Grima's Dragonskin skill. The ability Galeforce is very useful in this battle, as it can plow through Grimleal soldiers surrounding Grima, yet allowing an extra turn to deal a bit of damage to Grima. Grima is extremely powerful, as its only attack, Expiration, can deal major damage to your characters, and you will least likely put a dent in his HP if you use other units. Chrom's Exalted Falchion will deal the most amount of damage and when stacked with Aether, can lead to serious damage to Grima. Lucina's Parallel Falchion also deals effective damage against the Fell Dragon, so consider using her too if she is properly trained. If you have had the opportunity to recruit Walhart and trained him a bit, his attack power with his own weapon, a Tomahawk, Brave Sword, Brave Lance, or Brave Axe should make him an excellent choice for a unit. Also, if Chrom is mounted and Olivia is in combat, you can use her to dance for Chrom, give him a second turn, and move in closer to Grima, possibly ending the level in one turn. Overall, with enough preparation, training (and possibly luck), Grima can be defeated in as quickly as 2 turns. However, if defeating Grima takes longer, your other units should be well-capable of surviving against the Grimleal in the sidelines. 

However, taking down Grima becomes extremely difficult on higher difficulties as he will have Ignis which will give his moves an incredible amount of sting and Pavise which can halve the damage of swords, axes, lances, and beaststones on Hard mode. Lunatic adds Rightful God which boosts his Ignis and Pavise activation rates up to 80%, and Lunatic+ will provide Grima with Pavise+, which works like Pavise but with a 100% activation rate.

Once Grima is defeated, you will be offered the option to either have Chrom seal Grima using the Exalted Falchion, or have the Avatar kill Grima.

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