Grust Kingdom TCG

Grust in the TCG.

Grust (グルニア Gurunia, Grunia in the Japanese versions) is a country in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light. The country is allied with Gra, Macedon and Dolhr during the course of the game. It was founded by General Ordwin, one of the Three Heroes of the War of Liberation. As the home to the legendary Sable Order of Knights led by the Paladin Camus, Grust is known for its military strength. Its ruler is Ludwik, and his children are Jubelo and Yuliya, who, after their father's death, ruled with the general Lorenz as their regent, until he was banished by Archanea for opposing their views.

Grust would eventually become part of the Theocracy of Plegia, along with Dolhr, Gra, Macedon, and Altea.

Notable citizensEdit

Grust trans

National flag of Grust, as it appears in the Fire Emblem Trading Card Game