For the skill named Guard in Path of Radiance, see Cancel

Guard (守護 Shugo, Protection, Safeguard in Japanese) is a skill from Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. When activated, it allows its user to receive damage that an adjacent ally would have otherwise taken, provided that they share at least a C support level.

In Chapter 4-F-4, the spirits Sephiran summons possess the Guard skill, and have very high chances of activating it. When Sephiran is attacked, the damage is usually diverted to one of the spirits.


Name Activation Capacity
GuardGuard Support Level 20
Effects When activated, this skill allows the user to take damage for an adjacent ally, provided that they share at least a C support level.
Notes Base skill of Sothe, Nailah, and the spirits of Chapter 4-F-4.

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