“The weight of a knight's armor is a symbol of his loyalty”
—Gwendolyn in a support conversation with Lilina

Gwendolyn (ウェンディ Wendi, Wendy in the Japanese version) is a playable character in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. She is a knight of Ostia and is the younger sister of Bors. She first appears on turn 5 of Chapter 8 of The Binding Blade, along with Ogier and Barthe, in the northwest corner of the castle. The group assists the Lycia Alliance Army in retaking Castle Ostia. She then joins Roy's group for the rest of his journey. It is notable she can perform a Triangle Attack with Bors and Barthe.

She makes a brief cameo appearance in chapter 18 of the Fire Emblem: Hasha no Tsurugi manga.

Profile Edit

Growing up, there were no girls of Gwendolyn's age near where she lived, save for Lilina, the daughter of Marquess Hector. The two became acquainted with each other as a result. Later in life, Gwendolyn joined the Ostian Armor Knights, a notably strong sector of Ostia's military, serving alongside her older brother, Bors. During her time as a knight she befriended Barthe, another Ostian Armor Knight who acts as her mentor, Ogier, also part of the Ostian Armor Knights, and Astolfo, an Ostian spy.

When a rebellion in Ostia headed by the well-respected general Leygance and a former lieutenant named Devias broke out, Gwendolyn, alongside Barthe and Ogier, were apparently absent from Castle Ostia. They returned, however, to save Lilina, who had been imprisoned and used by the revolutionaries. Upon their arrival, they met up with Roy and his army, who were engaged in a battle with Leygance to stop the rebellion. Under Roy's command, they helped to defeat Leygance, ending the revolution and saving Lilina. Afterwards, Gwendolyn, along with Barthe and Ogier, joined Roy's army on a journey to stop King Zephiel of Bern from eradicating the humans of Elibe.

After the war, she continued to serve as an Ostian Armor Knight, rising through the ranks to become their first female captain.


Fire Emblem: The Binding BladeEdit

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class Affinity
FE8 Knight Map SpriteKnight GBAFireFire
Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Mov
1 19 4 3 3 6 8 1 10 4
Weapon Starting Items

LanceLance - D

IronLanceIron Lance

Growth RatesEdit

HP S/M Skl Spd Lck Def Res
85% 40% 40% 40% 45% 30% 10%

Promotional GainsEdit

Item Required Promoted Class
Knightcrest Knight Crest FE8 General Map Sprite General
Level HP Str Skl Spd Def Res Con Mov
1 +4 +4 +2 +4 +3 +3 +1 +1
Weapon Ranks
Lance +1 Axe E


See also: Gwendolyn/Supports


Gwendolyn has low base stats for a unit joining in Chapter 8, and is a lance-locked, 4 move unit who joins right before the setting changes to the Western Isles, where Axe-using enemies dominate. As a result, she is extremely difficult to train, even though feeding her kills on Chapter 8X will make it much easier. Many enemies will double her and she will not do much damage or have good accuracy. However, she has good promotion bonuses and a well-balanced growth spread, so after she promotes she is a decent unit, with slightly higher Strength, Skill, and Speed than Bors, but less HP, Constitution and Defense. She is unsurprisingly much more skilful, faster, and luckier than Barthe but also has much less Strength and Defense.

Gwendolyn has a good support affinity that helps her with her offense issues, but the other units she supports can also be difficult to train. She also has a triangle attack with Bors and Barthe. This can help with her poor start, because Triangle Attacks always hit and the increased damage will help her get kills, but because Bors and Barthe also have poor movement, it can be difficult to set up.

She is rather comparable to Trec, as their stats wind up similarly, though her resistance is a little higher, and Trec has higher movement and Swords.

Fire Emblem HeroesEdit


Adorable Knight
Armored knight of Ostia. Intent on mastering defense, despite feeling awkward in armor. Appears in Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.

Base StatsEdit



Title Group
Adorable Knight Heroes Armored Armored
Level HP Atk Spd Def Res
1 21/22 15 3/5 11 5/6
Skills Weapon

FEH skill offense Steel Lance

FEH Lance Lance




Name SP Cost Might Range Effects Rarity
FEH skill offense Iron Lance - 6 1 -
FEH skill offense Steel Lance - 8 1 - ✯✯
FEH skill offense Killer Lance 200 7 1 Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1) ✯✯✯
FEH skill offense Killer Lance+ 300 11 1 Accelerates Special trigger (cooldown count-1) ✯✯✯✯✯
Name SP Cost Effects Charge Cost Rarity
FEH skill specialBuckler 100 Reduces damage inflicted by attacks from adjacent foes by 30%. 3 ✯✯✯
FEH skill specialEscutcheon 200 Reduces damage inflicted by attacks from adjacent foes by 30%. 2 ✯✯✯✯
Name SP Cost Effects Rarity
FEH Drag BackDrag Back 150 If unit initiates attack, the unit moves 1 space away after combat. Foe moves into unit's previous space. ✯✯✯
FEH Hone Atk 1Hone Atk 1 50 Grants adjacent allies Atk+2 through their next actions at the start of each turn.
FEH Hone Atk 2Hone Atk 2 100 (Required: Hone Atk 1) Grants adjacent allies Atk+3 through their next actions at the start of each turn.
FEH Hone ArmorHone Armor 200 (Required: Hone Atk 2) Grants adjacent armored allies Atk/Spd+6 through their next actions at the start of each turn. ✯✯✯✯


The Binding BladeEdit

“You're joking right? I can't die...”
—Gwendolyn's death quote in The Binding Blade.

“Uh... Lets go! Triangle attack!!”
—Gwendolyn's triangle attack quote in The Binding Blade

“You'll be fine, Gwendolyn… Just trust in yourself.”
—Gwendolyn's final battle quote in The Binding Blade.


Gwendolyn/Heroes Quotes

Possible EndingsEdit

Gwendolyn - Beautiful Knight (可憐な重騎士 Karen na Jūkishi lit. Lovely Heavy Knight)

  • Gwendolyn chose to live her life as an Armor Knight. Her actions gave courage to many, and she is still remembered today as the first female captain of an Armor Knight squad.


  • On the official Japanese website for Nintendo, Gwendolyn won 28th place  out of 80 in the character popularity poll for Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. The male-female vote ratio is 5:1. The voter comments seem to focus on her brave and bold personality and her gameplay abilities as a Knight/General.
  • Gwendolyn shares her English voice actress, Cherami Leigh, with Caeda, Cecilia, and Mae in Fire Emblem Heroes.
    • Coincidentally, Gwendolyn also shares her Japanese voice actress Toa Yukinari, with Cecilia and Lucius.


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