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“Ferocious, three-headed hellhounds. Their triple-fanged bites are difficult to dodge. ”
—In-game description in The Sacred Stones

The Gwyllgi (ケルベロス Cerberus in the Japanese version) is a promoted version of the Mauthe Doogs in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. It is a savage, three-headed hellhound whose fangs are cruel death dealers.


Gwyllgi often posess high Skill and Speed, as well as decent strength, making them particularly suited to killing slower, weaker units. Their maximum stats are equal to those of a male Swordmaster, but their bases and growths are superior to those of Swordmasters. Furthermore, they have a movement rating equal to that of a Paladin. Players should pay attention to the weapon class they have equipped. Hellfangs are functionally equivalent to Silver Swords. Fiery Fangs are functionally equivalent to Iron Swords. Gwyllgi equipped with Hellfangs are vastly more dangerous than the Mauthe Doogs the player has already faced.

Due to their extremely high speed rating, typically surpassing even that of a Swordmaster, very few units will be able to outspeed them. It is not uncommon for Gwyllgi to have speed stats as high as 24, and some even have speeds as high as 28. Their defenses are very poor, but are typically just enough to avoid getting killed in one blow by anything short of a legendary weapon. Because of this, units with high enough defense to shrug off Gwyllgi attacks are advised.

Were they in the hands of a player, Gwyllgi would make a welcome addition to any army. Gwyllgi would function as a unit halfway between a Swordmaster and a Paladin that also has the unique niche of not being affected by the weapon triangle. Their hellfangs are just as good as Silver Swords, but are extremely cost effective thanks to their infinite durability. Sadly, they have absolutely no flexibility as far as weapon selection goes, and they lack the paladin's access to Javelins and the swordmaster's improved critical chances.








  • "Gwyllgi" literally means "Wild Dog" in Welsh.
  • "Cerberus", the Japanese name comes from the creature from Greek and Roman mythology.


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