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The Gwyllgi(ケルベロス Cerberus in the Japanese version) is a savage, three-headed hellhound. Its fangs are cruel death dealers -- indeed, even more so with three mouths to bite with.


Gwyllgi often posess high Strength, Skill and Speed, making them particularly suited to killing slower, weaker units, and possess a movement rating of 8, equal to that of a promoted flying unit. They have a low Resistance rating, making spells damage them heavily. Due to their speed capable of reaching 28 with an average above 24 very few units have the capacity to double-attack them, unless a Brave weapon is used.


  • "Gwyllgi" literally means "Wild Dog" in Welsh. Its Japanese name, Cerberus, comes from the creature from Greek and Roman mythology.


  • They appear on Floor 4 (as a boss) and Floor 7 of the Tower of Valni, and Floors 1-5 and possibly 7 and 8 of Lagdou Ruins.


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