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With JillEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Jill: Captain Haar! Where are you? Captain Haar!!!
  • Haar: Zzzzzzzzzz...huh?! Wha--?! Who?! Oh. Jill. Yaaaawn... Simmer down, Jill. Can't you see I'm sleeping? And do you need to shout my name like that? You're louder than a meat skewer salesman in a crowded market!
  • Jill: Maybe you should try responding when I call you!
  • Haar: I'll do that as soon as you stop calling me captain.
  • Jill: How should I address you, then?
  • Haar: Whatever works for you.
  • Jill: Sir Haar, maybe?
  • Haar: Do I look like a knight to you?
  • Jill: All right. Mr. Haar.
  • Haar: Hah! That doesn't sound right at all.
  • Jill: Fine. Just Haar, then.
  • Haar: Hey! That's pretty good.
  • Jill: Sorry. I can't address my superior like that. I'll just call you Mr. Haar.
  • Haar: Well, I can live with that. Now, let me get back to my nap...

B SupportEdit

  • Jill: Mr. Haaaaaaaaar! Where are you!? Mr. Haar!!!
  • Haar: I'm right behind you.
  • Jill: Why can't you just respond the first time I call for you? And didn't you promise that you'd respond right away if I stopped calling you captain?
  • Haar: That was only if I wasn't sleeping.
  • Jill: Well, that's most of the time! By the way, it seems like the only time you acted like a professional soldier was when you were in front of my father.
  • Haar: And I recall the only time you weren't so uptight was when you were around Lord Shiharam.
  • Jill: I... I couldn't help it. He was my father. He was different.
  • Haar: I'm with you on that. Lord Shiharam was something special. I didn't want him to see me as hopelessly lazy.
  • Jill: Mr. Haar...
  • Haar: Mmm... I think I'll just stretch out here... Yeah...that's it. This moss is nice and squishy. Leave me alone. It's nap time.

A SupportEdit

  • Jill: Mr. Haar?
  • Haar: Yes?
  • Jill: That's strange. I didn't have to call for you a hundred times before you answered!
  • Haar: Well, I figured this way I don't have to listen to your whining.
  • Jill: Oh, so that's how it is? Well, whatever...
  • Haar: What are you going to do when this war is over, Jill?
  • Jill: Hopefully go back to Daein. I want to be near my father's grave.
  • Haar: I see.
  • Jill: What about you?
  • Haar: If I survive sparring with Ashnard... I don't know what I'll do. I've already thought about guarding Lord Shiharam's grave.
  • Jill: Does that mean you're not happy being with me?
  • Haar: That's not it. I was just thinking you probably don't like being with me.
  • Jill: Why would I not like that?
  • Haar: Then if we both survive this war, let's start a wyvern courier service. We'll make a lot of loot.
  • Jill: Sure... If we survive.

With MakalovEdit

C SupportEdit

  • Haar: Zzzzz...
  • Makalov: Aaaack!
  • Haar: Zzz—Snort! Wha...? Huh?
  • Makalov: Agggghhh!
  • Haar: What's with you, man?
  • Makalov: Oh no! Stay away!
  • Haar: What's the matter with you?
  • Makalov: Aaaaack! Help! Somebody help me!
  • Haar: ... Did he think I was a Daein soldier? Well...whatever... Back to sleep......Zzzzzzz...

B SupportEdit

  • Haar: Hmm...? Hey! You're that...
  • Makalov: Nooooo!!!
  • Haar: Yes, you are. You're that weird guy I saw the other day.
  • Haar: Hey, stop right there!
  • Makalov: Please...have mercy on me! I'll pay you back...I swear!
  • Haar: What are you yammering on about?
  • Makalov: Honestly, I only ran off the other day because I didn't have the money on me. I was just...running home to fetch it. Sweet mercy...I'm begging you! I'm too talented and beautiful to die! Give me more time to pay you back!
  • Haar: Pay me back? What are you talking about?
  • Makalov: Huh? Wait... So you're not... a debt collector?
  • Haar: A debt collector? Did you fall on your head?
  • Makalov: Are you SURE you're not a debt collector?
  • Haar: I don't remember being one. And I think I'd remember something like that.
  • Makalov: What!? You're not!? Phew! had me there. I mean...just one nasty look from that face of yours could scare a man to death!
  • Haar: So you're saying I'm ugly, is that it? I look like some kind of thug to you?
  • Makalov: No, no, no! Not at all. You're very...handsome. Ruggedly handsome...yeah...
  • Haar: Hmmm. That was weird. Oh well...back to sleep.

A SupportEdit

  • Makalov: Oh, there you are! Hey, Haar!
  • Haar: Zzzzzzzz...
  • Makalov: HAAR!!! Wake up! Oh, no! Look! Here comes General Ike!
  • Haar: Zzzzzzzz...
  • Makalov: Nothing will wake him up! He has a lot of guts sleeping before a battle like this. You have to respect that! Even debt collectors would be intimidated... I need to be more like him! Then I'll never have to pay anyone back! All right! I need to get training! The first thing I need to learn is how to sleep anywhere.... Zzzzzz...
  • Haar: ...Quiet down! Who's interrupting my nap?!
  • Makalov: ...Zzzzzz... Phew... Grrrr... I was wrong... Sorry, Marcia! ...Zzzzzz...
  • Haar: ...
  • Makalov: Let me...zzzz...borrow some money...zzz...
  • Haar: Look at him, sleeping before a big battle. It's a miracle he's survived in his state. He must be really lucky. I hope he pulls through!

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