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Halberdier is a second-tier class featured in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. They are promoted Soldiers who wield lances and, contrary to Swordmasters and Berserkers, they do not have 15% bonus critical hit ratings in Path of Radiance, though in Radiant Dawn they gained a critical bonus. They promote like any other unit, as they have to reach level 21 or to use a Master Seal. Stat-wise, they have higher Speed and Skill than Generals, but at the cost of lower Defense. In Radiant Dawn they can promote into Sentinels.


★ - SP Class


FE924/226/4166/706/52/3FE9 Lance C
FE1033/3817/116/118/1118/9015/1112/6FE10 Lance D/C
FE1038198202001714FE10 Lance A


FE96025202826402825FE9 Lance A
FE104526/25152626/273025/2417/18FE10 Lance S
FE105632183331303125FE10 Lance SS

Growth ratesEdit


Notable HalberdiersEdit

Path of RadianceEdit

Radiant DawnEdit

  • Nephenee - a playable Halberdier, from Ohma, Crimea.
  • Danved - a playable Halberdier of mysterious origins.
  • Jarod - the main antagonist of Part 1 1-9 and 1-Endgame
  • Rommit - the boss of Chapter 3-1
  • Roark - the boss of Chapter 3-9
  • Promotion for Aran


  • Real life historical Halberdiers were named after the weapon they wielded, the Halberd, which ironically the Halberdier class cannot wield.
  • In FE9, Halberdiers are the first promoted enemy units/bosses to be fought.
  • In FE10, Halberdiers are the second promoted enemy class to be fought (after Thunder Sage).
  • The early Wyvern Knight class wears a similar helmet. Interestingly both are lance only classes with a unique skill.
  • In the Japanese version of Path of Radiance, Swordmasters and Berserkers did not have critical bonuses, which might explain why Halberdiers also did not have a critical bonus in that game.


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