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“Jehanna, home of dancing white sands. This largely barren desert nation is infamous for its mercenary forces. In accordance with her husband's dying wish, the beautiful Ismaire rules Jehanna. The Queen of the White Dunes governs Jehanna with grace and honor. When he was young, her son left Jehanna. His whereabouts remain unknown. After passing through Caer Pelyn, Eirika arrives in Jehanna. There, she finds the nation embroiled in combat with Grado's forces.”
—Opening Narration

Hamill Canyon is Chapter 13 of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones when taking Eirika's route. You will receive 5000 gold at the end of this chapter.

Note that defeating Aias will end the chapter as Rausten knights arrive. If you wish to collect more experience, it may be useful to defeat the other units first. This can also be used as a backup plan should Pablo's Purge attacks prove too much for your troops.


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

This chapter is a defense chapter, where you need to hold out for 11 turns. Alternatively, you can kill Aias which will end the chapter straight away.

The player does need to be aware that killing Aias extremely early will prevent Cormag from appearing (he appears on turn 5). It will also prevent you from recruiting Amelia if you did not recruit her in Chapter 9. Cormag is rather easy to recruit, but Amelia can be problematic as the enemies around can easily kill her.

Aias carries a Short Spear, Silver Blade and Swordslayer. You should keep Joshua away from Aias if he is deployed, as a hit will kill him almost immediately given its massive bonuses against sword users. A Halberd or Heavy Spear is recommended against Aias, though you can use an Armorslayer or Zanbato as long as Aias isn't equipped with his Swordslayer. If you defend for the whole chapter, you will also have to deal with Pablo and his Purge. The best way to pass this chapter is to recruit Cormag if possible, then kill Aias before Pablo can appear.

Initial EnemiesEdit

Items GainedEdit

  • Red Gem: Steal from L10 priest
  • Knight Crest: Aias drops when defeated
  • Zanbato: Dropped by a Mercenary reinforcement (Turn 2)
  • Body Ring: Steal from a Brigand reinforcement (Turn 9)
  • Hand Axe: Dropped by Warrior (Turn 9); Swordslayer becomes droppable if warrior switches to Hand Axe

Recruitable unitsEdit

  • Cormag: Appears as an enemy on turn 5, talk with Eirika

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit

  • Turn 2: Mercenary and Fighter from the north western forts (The Mercenary drops a Zanbato)
  • Turn 3: Mercenary and Fighter from the north western forts
  • Turn 4: Mercenary and Fighter from the north western forts
  • Turn 5: Cavaliers from the north eastern and south eastern forts, Mercenary and Fighter pair from the north western forts, Cormag and two Wyvern Riders from the south western mountains
  • Turn 7: Cavaliers from the north eastern and south eastern forts
  • Turn 9: Cavaliers from the north eastern and south eastern forts, Pablo and his group of Mercenaries, Mages, Brigand and a Warrior appear from the west (One Brigand has a Body Ring)

After CompletionEdit

After completing, Hamill Canyon may be attacked by these monsters:

Fog of War may occur, and the Ballistas will still be there.

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Village of Silence
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