The Hawk Army is a group of soldiers, traveling to the Tower of Guidance in Begnion in part 4 of Radiant Dawn. It is led by Tibarn, hence the name "Hawk Army." Reyson is the Heron sibling to join this group. Queen Elincia and her loyal vassal Lucia accompany them as well. Ranulf, Pelleas (if he is alive), and Tauroneo also join them, despite the latter two being of Daein. Everyone else who is with them is left to the discretion of the player.

During their march to the Tower of Guidance, they face the Begnion senator Valtome, and Begnion spy, Izuka. This group is perhaps the most powerful group marching to the tower, because it contains great units like Tibarn (the leader of the group), Ranulf, Lucia, Tauroneo, etc. This was the first group to reach the Tower of Guidance.

Mandatory Members:

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