Death quotesEdit

“No! Not here! Not now… Forgive me, Eliwood. Tell my brother…”
—Hector’s death quote in The Blazing Blade

Boss ConversationsEdit

Hector: You’re not Marquess Laus’s assassins, are you? You’re too good, too professional. Nothing like those idiots over there.
Wire: You’ve no need to know, little Lord Hector. A fool like you, sneaking out of the country alone… You’ll go missing, never to return. Your body will never be found. Tidy story, eh? Ha ha...
Hector: Tsk tsk... Looks like your luck’s run out.
Wire: Our luck? What are you...
Hector: You see, I’m about as angry as I’ve ever been. I doubt that even a dozen of you could slow me down. Prepare to die!!!

Hector: Come on out! We’re here!
Boies: Well, well, well! You survived, I see. You’ll find that I’m a bit tougher than those fools you faced before!
Hector: What have you done with Marquess Santaruz?
Boies: You want to know? You’ll have to best me first.

Erik: You’ve always been... an eyesore to me. No matter how hard I tried… You two garnered all the attention... all the praise. In the classroom… on the training grounds... Everywhere and everything!
Hector: Erik. You always did care more about appearances than ability. If you’d had even a hint of skill, perhaps you'd--
Erik: Hold your tongue! I will hear no more! No more!

Hector: ...Are you the one responsible for Leila’s death?
Uhai: ......And if I were? What would you do?
Hector: I’m not entirely sure... But I do know that you would not draw another breath!

Darin: Oh... You’re Marquess Ostia’s younger brother...
Hector: I couldn’t care less if you’ve a grudge against Ostia. I’ll put up with your treachery no longer!
Darin: Heh heh heh... Ostia is no longer my main concern... Nor is the whole of Lycia… The only goal worthy of my attention is the entire world!
Hector: You’re mad!!

Hector: Hey! You the leader of this pack of curs?
Linus: I am Linus Reed! Son of Brendan Reed, head of the Black Fang! Evildoers! Prepare to receive the Fang’s justice!
Hector: Evildoers? You’ve no room to speak! You’re a bunch of murderers serving Nergal's every whim!
Linus: Are you so base that you bandy insults with your foe? Or are you frightened, knowing you face your doom? We are the Black Fang! You do not insult my family so!

Hector: ...And you would be the leader of this pack of curs?
Lloyd: Aye. That I am.
Hector: I’ve no mercy for Nergal's hounds of the hunt! Stand and prepare to be beaten.
Lloyd: You... You wish to challenge me with that axe of yours? ...You’re amusing, I'll grant you that. I’m sure you'd have Linus laughing if he were here. Be warned, you would do well not to take me lightly.

Lloyd: You there, who are you?
Hector: Marquess Ostia’s brother, Hector! And you, lout?
Lloyd: The Black Fang commander’s son, Lloyd Reed... You remind me of my brother. Something about you...
Hector: Huh? What are you talking about?
Lloyd: My brother, whom you killed. My brother, Linus...It’s none of your business......
Hector: I have a brother, too. If someone killed him, I would make sure his killer paid dearly and suffered long...
Lloyd: ......Well spoken. If you don’t want to give your brother cause to mourn, you’d best fight well......Prepare yourself.
Hector: Ah!!

Linus: Hey, you! You think you’re tough, don’t you?
Hector: Tough enough to cleave you in two.
Linus: I am Linus Reed, son of Brendan Reed. You killed my brother, Lloyd! Take this! Rrraahh!!!
Hector: I am Marquess Ostia’s brother, Hector!! And I don’t know about Lloyd, but I’ll sure kill you!

Kaim: Tremendous... ...strength...

Hector: Nergal!
Nergal: So you’ve come, Hector of Ostia. Your existence itself was my greatest miscalculation. If it had only been Eliwood, this could have been over. So, my little miscalculation, I will erase you. And leave no trace remaining.
Hector: Do your worst!!

Hector: Nergal!
Nergal: I cannot understand you, Hector of Ostia. Why would you do all of this for Eliwood? Is this miserable thing called friendship worth dying for?
Hector: I don’t expect you to understand. You’ve forgotten what it means to be human! Nergal! My connection to you… it's over! I'm finishing everything up right here!!

Conversation with Zephiel in Battle Before Dawn Edit

  • Hector: Prince Zephiel?
  • Zephiel: Ah! Who are you?
  • Hector: I'm from Ly...Um... I'm here to rescue you
  • Zephiel: ......
  • Hector: We'll drive back the foe. Get back!
  • Zephiel: I will not.
  • Hector: Huh?
  • Zephiel: I know neither your names nor your motives. Why should I trust you?
  • Hector: Well, I guess you have a point. But...I can't tell you who we are. We've got...reasons.
  • Zephiel: Reasons?
  • Hector: Mm. Complicated reasons.
  • Zephiel: ...I see. I place my life in your hands.
  • Hector: What? Are you sure?
  • Zephiel: If you were assassins, I would already be dead. I must trust you
  • Hector: You've my word of honor!

Tactician ConversationEdit

“Listen, Mark. You know how Eliwood is. Never wants to burden anyone else… Takes all responsibility on himself… Now, more than ever, we have to support him. Let’s go, Mark!”
—Hector’s pre-battle conversation with the Tactician in Chapter 28E

Final Chapter QuoteEdit

“Everyone… Here we go! Give it your all, and beat this knave!”
—Hector’s final battle quote in Hector’s Mode

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