HeeHaw Mart

HeeHaw Mart

Hee Ho Mart (Hee Haw Mart in the Japanese version) is a location of Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE.

Profile Edit

A convenience store in Shibuya which sells healing items and other helpful items for use in battle. Depending on a character’s success in the entertainment industry, different posters will be displayed at the same store, and the background music of the shop will change. Shio works behind the counter.


  • Jack Frost from the Shin Megami Tensei series serves as a mascot for the store. Jack Frost is also the mascot of Genei Ibun Roku developer Atlus.
    • The store is named after Jack Frost's catchphrase, "Hee-ho!"
  • If the player enters Hee Ho Mart after unlocking, but before completing Illusory 106 Shio will be visibly slouching and will act somewhat lethargic, and "silhouette" people will be gray insted of their usual color. Also, the mart's bacground music will not play.

Gallery Edit

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