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Heirs of Fate 6: Lost in the Waves is Xenologue 20 of Fire Emblem Fates


The script for this Xenologue can be found here.


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

Similar to the Endgame of Revelation, players must defeat Anankos by destroying his arms, then his head and then his human form (not his heart). All forms/parts carry Dragonskin. If either of the Kanas or Shigure is defeated in battle, you will automatically lose.

Split up the children into equal amounts; Shiro should lead one group while Siegbert leads the other. Lure the enemy groups into your units by placing them outside the range of one of the Vallites in each group; once that Vallite attacks, the rest of their group will follow. Repeat this on both sides, using units that can tank the enemy units; on the west side, you want a physically defensive unit while on the right, a magically defensive unit to deal with the second set of hostiles. Also, remember to use proper Rally play in order to give your units an edge on survival.

Deal with the arms by having Shiro or either Kana attack it, since the other children will be fighting off the reinforcements coming from the south. Regardless, you should have a healer near the children to recover their health after the battle, if they took any. Anankos' arms can deal heavy physical damage, so either use a Rescue staff or have multiple healers use Wane Festals/Physics to your primary attackers to ensure they can tank another hit.

When the arms get weakened, move all but the primary attacker(s) back to the starting point, before finishing off the arms.

Enemy reinforcements will continually arrive in the children's starting point, so leave some of them behind to deal with them. Either Kana can deal with the enemies in the middle platform without much difficulty.

Once both arms are defeated, two Dragon Veins will pop out on the sides, and six Vallites (the remaining fathers who were not present on the map) will appear. Take them out quickly or you will take casualties, then activate both Dragon Veins. When both are activated, turn part of the blocking debris into stairs for the remaining children access the middle platform. It will also create a massive healtile in front of Anankos' head (also giving defense and evasion bonuses). Once Anankos' head is removed, you will be left with his human form. The human form does magical damage and the attack range on his human form is slightly longer then his arms and head, but should not be a worry if the healtile is activated; just make sure the children can survive an attack from him, and heal them if needed.

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit


Note: This reward is only given if all children survived the battle.


  • Like in Heirs of Fate 5, even though Shigure, male Kana and female Kana are a Falcon Knight, Nohr Noble, and Hoshido Noble respectively, this does not affect game cutscenes and will use the models that the player's Shigure and Kana are using.
  • This map plays a song, called Lost In The Waves, that can only be heard from this Chapter.
  • On this map, Shigure and Male Kana are shown with a C-Support. However, it is impossible for Shigure to form a support with the male Kana unless he is his father.
  • There are two possible endings. If any of the children die, Anankos dies alone and the children say good-bye for the last time. If they all survive the battle Lilith passes on with Anankos, the children make a promise to somehow meet again and Shigure and the Kana's fullfill this promise after the credits.
  • Depending on who kills the boss of each Heirs of Fate, the credits will show who killed that boss (Example; if you defeat Forrest with Shiro in Heirs of Fate 3 it will show in the credits Shiro defeating Forrest).
  • Depending on which units use the Master Seals, in Heirs of Fate 5, they will be the class chosen for them and receive another weapon or staff.
    • Hisame:
      • Swordmaster: Hagekure Blade
      • Master of Arms: Venge Katana
    • Asugi:
      • Master Ninja: Chakram
      • Mechanist: Spy's Shuriken
    • Soleil:
      • Hero: Brave Sword
      • Bow Knight: Killer Bow
    • Ophelia:
      • Sorcerer: Excalibur
      • Dark Knight: Ginnungagap
    • Nina:
      • Adventurer: Spy's Yumi
      • Bow Knight: Spy's Yumi
    • Mitama:
      • Onmyoji: Hexing Rod
      • Priestess: Great Festal
    • Dwyer:
      • Strategist: Enfeeble
      • Butler: Fortify

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