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Basic editingEdit

Go to a page and click on the "Edit This Page" link found in the article title, then type in what you want to add in the appropriate area. Make sure to save the page when finished, otherwise any and all changes will not be processed.


To add internal links do this: [[Link title]];

To create an external link (a link to another site), type [ link title]

To link to a wikipedia article, type [[wikipedia:Example]].

To link to another wikia, type [[w:c:WIKIANAME:Example]] (It should come out like this: w:c:Pikmin:Red Pikmin).

To link to an article and hide the link, type [[Example|Desired Text]] (this works with any double-bracket links)

Using a templateEdit

To use a template do this: {{template name here}} (some need extra info inputed though).

Italics and BoldEdit

To use italics ''Italic text''

To use bold '''Bold text'''

To use both '''''Italicized Bold text'''''

Creating headingsEdit

To create a side heading, type ==Headline text== above the new section.

For a heading under a side heading, type ===Subheadline text=== above the new section.

For a smaller side heading, type ====Super-sub Headline Text==== above the new section.

Creating an articleEdit

If you see a Red internal link or you search for a page and you can't find it and a create a page comes up you can click on either of those to start a new page, add in what ever you think is nessesary and then save the page (remember to search for alternate spellings just in case, otherwise we may end up with a lot of duplicate articles).

Categorizing an image or articleEdit

Simply put this on the page

[[Category:Appropriate category here]] taking the category Characters as an example you can type it as this [[Category:Characters]].

Remember a page can often have more than one category.

Redirecting a pageEdit

Say we have an article on "Sword", but when searched, it says this page doesn't exist. Simply create the page "Swords" and in it put #REDIRECT [[Sword]] (change the word "sword" for the page you want this page to go to)

Not using Standard Wiki FormattingEdit

To stop things using the standard wiki formatting (this is usually only done on help pages and talk pages) i.e [[archer]] instead of the usual archer, you do this:

<nowiki>text here</nowiki>

Hiding text so you can only see it on the "Edit" pageEdit

Say you want to tell editors about your plan for an article, but you don't want people just reading the article to see this message. What do you do? This:

<!--Put your message here; only editors to the page will be able to see it-->

Breaking a lineEdit

To break a line, type <br>. If you were to type Pants<br>Pants, it should come out like this:



Uploading an imageEdit

  • Both Skins: Go to Special:Upload, upload the file, and rename it under "File Destination" if needed. Be sure to select the licensing; if you are not sure, mark it with {{No license}} or {{None selected}}.
    • Rename: File:001.gif, File:1.png, File:8439u34sdf.jpg
    • Do not rename (as long as the titles fit the file): File:Marth.jpg, File:Roy in SSBM.png, File:Ironsword.gif
  • Wikia Skin: Go to 'upload Image' on the box on the right hand side of the screen (when your not editing) and click upload image, follow the instructions from there.

Adding an image to a pageEdit

Let's take archer animation.Gif as an example. Add this to the page:

[[File:Archer animation.gif|thumb|150px|This is where you write the text you want to appear under the picture]]

Now we will show you it:

Archer animation

This is where you write the text you want to appear under the picture

Writing your signatureEdit

(Signatures are only used on talk pages and the community portal) simply put --~~~~ and your signature/timestamp will appear like so: --Semajdraehs 17:22, 4 June 2008 (UTC)


Editing a templateEdit

Creating a TemplateEdit


The VisualEditor

Wikia editor2

The classic editor

Editing on Wikia is generally as simple as clicking the 'Edit' button on a page. Doing so will take to you an edit page where you can make changes to the page - such adding new information and media, correcting errors, or updating the formatting.

Depending on whether you are logged in, you may receive a different editing experience:

Most anonymous and newer users will see the VisualEditor, a completely new editing experience based around showing you an accurate visual representation of your changes.
Help:Classic editor
Other users will see the classic editor - this includes the older visual editing experience and basic source wikitext editing.

Quick tips

Once in an editor, you can use the available tools to quickly add and remove information, change the formatting, add new images and videos, update the page's layout and much more! Once you're done making your changes, just click the 'Publish' button to update the page.

Don't be afraid if you 'break' anything. All edits to a page are stored in the page history, and if something does go wrong you can simply revert to an older version.

Choosing an editor

Logged in users can choose their default editor from a dropdown list in their user preferences (found here).

Setting Meaning
Wikia's new VisualEditor Shows the new VisualEditor on all wikias
Wikia's classic rich-text editor Shows the classic rich-text editor where available. If not, the source editor is shown.
Source editor Shows the basic source editor on all wikias

Accessing the classic editor, when the VisualEditor is default

Anonymous users will generally always see the VisualEditor by default. In a few specific cases, the VisualEditor may not be available on a particular wikia.

Additionally, the alternative editors can still be found under the 'Edit' button dropdown - for example, you can still access the classic editor from the dropdown even if the VisualEditor is the default.

Further help and feedback

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