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“Hmm? Oh, I'm just a b-bit nervous, I'm afraid. Gh-ghastly times, these!”
—Hierarch in Chapter 7

The Hierarch is a minor NPC character in Fire Emblem Awakening that helped Emmeryn during her early years as the Exalt. He is a priest with green ally clothing that is only seen in Chapter 7: Incursion. He accompanies Chrom and the Shepherds as they escort Emmeryn to a hidden palace near Ylisstol. As they approach the Breakneck Pass, he begins to act fidgety as he is aware of the Plegian ambush. When the Plegians attack, he quickly leaves the group and tells the commanding officer, Vasto to spare him as he leaked the Exalt's location to them. However, Vasto refuses, calling him a coward and has one of his men attack the Hierarch, killing him.


  • It is speculated that the Hierarch is the one that had given Validar access into the castle for Emmeryn's assassination.

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