Hinoka's Spear (ヒノカの紅薙刀 Hinoka no akai naginata, lit. Hinoka's Crimson Naginata) is a Naginata that is introduced in Fire Emblem Fates. Eponymously named after Hinoka, Hinoka's Spear, as opposed to raising its wielder's Defense and Resistance by 1 like other Naginatas do, lowers both stats instead. In return, however, Hinoka's Spear provides a bonus of 10 Avoid to the user.

It is also Hinoka's Personal Weapon in the spin-off title Fire Emblem Warriors.

Weapon StatsEdit

Fire Emblem FatesEdit

Name Type

FE14Naginata Hinoka's Spear

FE14 Lance Naginata

Rank Uses Mt Hit Crt Avoid Rng WEx Worth
C 8 75% 0% 10% 1  ? 0

Def/Res-1. A nimble weapon.

Fire Emblem WarriorsEdit

Rank Uses Mt. Value
E 35 N/A

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