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Hit Rate +10 (Acierto +10 in the Spanish version) is an enemy Skill in Fire Emblem Awakening that increases Hit Rate by 10. It will be randomly given to certain enemy units on a map starting from Lunatic Mode. Certain enemies in Apotheosis will also have this skill on all difficulties.


  • Oddly, if one edits a save or uses hacking utilities to give an Einherjar unit this skill and update that unit's data in the Character Book in the game's Wireless Features and re-recruit that unit, this skill will remain in that unit's skill list. Normally, enemy-only skills vanish after being unequipped, even when the aforementioned method is used.
    • This may mean that Hit Rate +10 may have originally been the Level 5 Skill for the Sniper class, but was replaced for Hit Rate +20 instead.

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