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“Hey, come on. My old man aside, I’m actually kind of excited, you know? I probably said this before, but my dream is to travel the world as an adventurer. Now that my old man let us go, I can make that dream come true.”
—Holmes, in a conversation with Runan

Holmes (ホームズ Hōmuzu) is a playable character and one of the two protagonists of TearRing Saga: Utna Heroes Saga. He is the captain of the Sea Lion Pirates, which consists of Shigen, Xeno, Yuni, and Garo. He and Runan are best friends and view each other as brothers. Infamous for his piracy, he is known as the Conqueror of the Sene Sea.


Holmes is the first son of Captain General Vals of Granada. His mother is Queen Liza of Wellt, who was once wed to Vals. He is the older half-brother of both Attrom and Sasha. He is also the cousin of Renee, Rishel, Meriah, Verna, Mahter, and Frau, the nephew of Andre, Rose, and Clarice, and one of the grandsons of Octavas.

During his childhood, Holmes frequently spent time with Runan in order to avoid Vals, whom he saw as a bad influence. He and Richard also knew each other when they were young and even fought with him several times. During Reeve's fall, Holmes and Runan fought against the Zoa Empire to defend Granada, but they were eventually forced to flee once their efforts proved to be useless. At the beginning of the story, the two of them arrive in the Kingdom of Wellt, where they part ways and begin their own journeys. While Runan seeks aid from Wellt and assists Sasha in liberating her kingdom from Duke Codha, Holmes pursues his dream of being an adventurer and travels around the world in search of treasure.

After Runan's first story arc concludes, Holmes rescues Katri from the Isla Pirates led by Maerhen. During their first meeting, he recognizes the Ring of Salia and tries to steal it from her, but returns it at her insistence. Due to his immediate harsh behavior towards her, she runs away from his group and transforms into Neuron amid an army of monsters. During this time, Holmes refuses to aid Xeno and Yuni in their attempt to bring Katri back to him and instead waits in his fortress with Shigen. Upon his reunion with Katri, he makes a promise to defend her and takes her under his protection. At this time, he also reunites with Runan, but they quickly separate, as Runan departs to fight against the Zoa Empire. Meanwhile, Holmes begins his treasure hunt around Wellt and can pay a visit to Verge if certain characters are in his party. While Holmes is there, he can recruit Lee, Ezekiel, Narron, Ruka, or Lionel from Merlon's army.

Afterwards, Holmes travels to the Taurus Mountains, where he fights a battle against the bandits led by Yazam and recruits Samson and Alicia to his team. In the next chapter, he rushes to the aid of Attrom, who is fighting against Maerhen in an attempt to save Renee. After the resulting battle, Holmes makes an agreement to assist Attrom in saving Renee. However, they fail to save her because Renee is pushed overboard Maerhen's ship by his men. Around this time, he also recruits Krisheenu into his team and states that "mature women" are always welcome because he is tired of being around childish types. Once Maerhen is saved by Katri and allows her to reunite with Father Law, Holmes reluctantly accepts him into his army. Afterwards, he visits Marl Castle and has a meeting with Richard in which they express their mutual hatred towards each other. He also meets Tia for the first time and expresses his doubt about her heritage as the princess of Leda. Before leaving, he warns her that she is being used by Richard, but she refuses to believe him and insists that Richard is not a bad man.

Once he liberates an oasis city and receives multiple gifts from the mayor in appreciation, Holmes travels to the city of Blood, where Lyria, Sun, and Frau join his group. He also meets with Lionheart, who requests his aid in a rebellion against Ahab to liberate Salia. He agrees to this and travels to Mermel Caves to fight a large group of monsters that are hindering Lionheart's efforts to protect Blood. Afterwards, Holmes crosses through Leda and enters a battle against the Earth Dragon Kranion. Around this time, the Leda Alliance Army led by Richard and Tia and the Arial Mercenaries led by Prince Sennet of Canaan come to his aid. Although he recognizes Tia, he does not remember her identity or where it was that he saw her.

Following this, Holmes fights a battle against General Zachariah, who reveals Katri's identity as Princess Maria of Salia upon his defeat. Around this time, he recruits Rishel and Bud to his cause. Upon first meeting Bud, he expresses confusion at her gender and she reacts by becoming angry and calling him a pervert. Eventually, he defeats Ahab and accepts Zachariah's offer to visit the dungeon of Salia Castle, where he finds Katri's long-lost birth parents, King Dagnell and Queen Maria. Afterwards, Holmes has another reunion with Runan before they part ways once again. During the second intermission, Katri gives the Ring of Salia to Holmes as a parting gift before leaves his group in order to remain with her parents. Following this, Holmes leaves Salia and begins his liberation of Granada from the Zoa Empire. During one of his battles against Canaan's army, he recruits Renee into his army and discovers that Attrom is one of the sons of Vals and therefore his half-brother. Once he frees his homeland, he meets with his father and gives a speech to his army in which he tells them to hate Vals.

During the third intermission, Holmes reunites with Runan for a short time. However, he soon learns that Katri has been abducted by Gwenchaos and departs on a mission to rescue her. He also has several conversations with Law in which he learns about the Gerxel Church's plans to resurrect Gerxel. In these scenes with Law, he learns about the history of Lieberia and discovers that Tia is the Shaman of Earth. In his first battle against the Gerxel Church, he encounters Zeek, who betrayed him and Runan earlier. Afterwards, he captures Zeek and prepares to give him the punishment of a traitor. However, Zeek escapes either by himself or with Kate's help, and in the second scenario, Holmes declares Kate to be a traitor and says that he will kill her when they meet again.

In the next several chapters, Holmes uses the Ring of Salia to unseal the ☆Seiken Salia and charges into the Temple of Gerxel to rescue Katri. If Kate was kidnapped from his army, they will meet again and he will attempt to cheer her up by saying that everyone in his army likes her. Despite his efforts to rescue Katri, he is ultimately unable to do it, as she is sacrificed to Gerxel alongside Enteh and Neyfa. During the final battle, Holmes teams up with Runan, Sennet, and Tia to slay Gerxel through a combined attack. Once the three fallen shamans and Richard are revived by Miradona, Holmes starts crying at the sight of Katri. When she points it out, he denies it by claiming that his tears are only sweat. Around this time, Katri grabs onto him and he immediately becomes embarrassed because he thinks that everyone else is watching them.

In the epilogue, Holmes and Runan have their final meeting with many of their allies. Afterwards, they board the Sea Lion alongside Shigen and Enteh to travel around the world. However, Shigen also brings Katri along in an attempt to force Holmes to finally act on his feelings for her. When Enteh requests for everyone to address her as Maeve, Holmes remarks that having multiple names is needlessly complicated and says that she should use her birth name. Upon hearing this, Katri asks him if she should go by Maria instead, and he responds by saying that he will not accept any name for her except for Katri.


Holmes is mostly a very abrasive man, although he does have a softer side that he rarely shows to others. He wears a special pendant made of jade around his neck and becomes annoyed when other characters notice it. He often becomes drunk from wine during the story intermissions. While he deeply hates his father for being a shameless womanizer, he simply feels sympathy for his mother and wonders how she could have willingly lived with Vals for five years. Due to his negative experiences with his parents, he dislikes talking about the topic and becomes annoyed when others do so. He also dislikes responsibility and therefore does not want to be named as the successor of Granada, instead preferring to travel the world in search of treasure.

As the story progresses, he falls in love with Katri, but he refuses to admit it to any of the other characters. He also has a tendency to become angry and embarrassed when others assume it. He frequently insults Katri and speaks very harshly to her, but his true thoughts occasionally slip out, as seen when he compliments her at one point during the story and mentions that she is precious to him in a conversation with Clarice.

In GameEdit


Automatically from the start of Map 11.

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class Group
BowHeroBow Hero TS group mercenary Mercenary
Level HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Def Wlv Mov
6 29 11 0 10 11 6 7 10 5
Skills Weapon Starting Items

TS PicklockPicklock
SeaSea Fighter
RisingdragonRising Dragon (Lv 16)
TS ContinueContinue (Lv 32)
TS CharismaCharisma (Hide Hunter)

TS BowBow

LongBowTRSLong Bow

Growth RatesEdit

HP Str Mag Skl Agl Lck Wlv Def Mov
65% 30% 10% 35% 35% 35% 35% 25% 0%



Clear Map 29 to activate the promotion event.

Promoted Class
HideHunterHide Hunter
HP Str Mag Skl Agl Def Wlv Mov
+2 +1 +0 +1 +0 +2 +0 +1
Weapon Ranks
+ TS Sword


Holmes is the second lord in the game, and despite being forced to use bows before promotion, he is a quite useful unit with good bases and decent growths to back them up. His skillset is okay at first, but he learns some very good skills later on. Since there are some ridiculously useful bows in this game, he is average at worst and incredibly good at best. Upon promotion, his stats improve and he gains the ability to use swords, which greatly helps his offense on the enemy's phase. It is recommended to train him both for these reasons and the fact that he is required for the final boss.


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