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Alvis holy bloood

Arvis's Holy Blood.

“On your hand...that is the Brand, yes? The mark is proof that you descend from dragons, our gods of yore. I, too, carry the Brand. The blood in my veins entitled me to wield the divine blade that led me to victory. But it also cursed my to a lifetime of tragedy... Namely, my father's death and a terrible war with my half-brother. So much blood spilt over blood...”
Seliph asking the Avatar about their mark in Fire Emblem Awakening

Holy Blood (神々の系図 Kamigami no Keizu, literally Genealogy of the Gods) is a stat feature that is unique to Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, while a story element in it, Thracia 776, Awakening and Shadows of Valentia. It deals with the genealogy of the descendants of the Twelve Crusaders, affecting certain stat growths of an individual, and also determines the Holy Weapon a given character is able to wield.

In Fire Emblem Fates, Dragon Veins works on a similar concept.


In the backstory of Genealogy of the Holy War, widespread Holy Blood originated from the Miracle of Darna, whereby twelve dragons descended upon the earth during the time of the continent's crisis. These dragons blood-bonded with the Twelve Crusaders, bestowing upon them holy weapons and the strength needed to overthrow the Loptyrian Empire, and face Loptyr's blood-bonded champion.

Holy Blood is split into two categories: Minor and Major. These two blood types are further split into 13 different sub-categories, based on each of the Twelve Crusaders: Baldr, Od, Hezul, Noba, Dain, Neir, Ulir, Blaggi, Fjalar, Thrud, Forseti, Naga, and Loptyr. It is not fully understood as to how Holy Blood is passed on to the children characters, considering how Major Blood status is only granted to certain children.

Holy Blood is displayed on a large roulette-circle on the individual characters' status information page. This circle is split into twelve equal parts, with a thirteenth part showing up as a smaller circle in the middle. Each part has an open small circle with each respective crusader's name next to it, alongside the icon of said Holy Blood type. Minor Blood is indicated by a blue orb glowing faintly, and it raises a given character's weapon rank by one level in his/her respective crusaders' weapon type.

Major Blood is indicated by a similar blue orb that glows with an incandescent radiance. It doubles Holy Blood growth bonuses, and also automatically raises a given character's weapon rank to FE4 Star Rank (Weapons) in his/her respective crusaders' weapon type if they are of a class that can use that weapon. They may also equip the holy weapon of their lineage.

Loptyr Blood is situated in the middle of the circle, and is indicated by a purple-colored orb giving off narcotic vibes, with Major Blood causing the circle displaying Holy Blood to look corrupted, with dark markings on it. Note that this particular Holy Blood type may only be viewed on Arvis', Deirdre's, and Julius' status screens.

Characters in the first generation may pass down their own Holy Blood on to their children in the second generation. Depending on the pairings chosen by the player, certain children characters will be able to wield Holy weapons of their respective blood lineages.


Holy Blood is said to physically manifest at a certain age in the form of a special mark unique to each possessor, known as a holy marking (e.g. Deirdre was recognized as having major Naga blood by a mark on her forehead, normally hidden by her circlet, Julius bears a similar mark on his forehead for Loptyr, and Galzus and Mareeta have the marks of Od on their backs).

In Fire Emblem Awakening, Chrom, Emmeryn, Lucina, and Owain possess holy markings, as proof of their bond with Naga called the Brand of the Exalt. Likewise, Validar and the Avatar possess markings from Grima, the latter being a major mark. This is further supported by Leif and Seliph in DLC chapters that the Avatar's mark on their right hand is a Holy Mark. Like with Loptyr, Forseti and Naga, Grima can possess those who have the full mark, but unlike the other dragons, he does not require a wieldable tome to do so.

In Fire Emblem Fates, Owain, under his alias Odin, can father a daughter named Ophelia who inherits the Brand of the Exalt. In Hoshidan Festival of Bonds, and Odin fathered Shigure and an Ophelia mothered Kana receive the Brand of the Exalt.

In Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Alm, the long lost prince of Rigel, was born with a special brand on the back of his left hand, a mark that symbolized the Rigelian royal family to Duma. Celica, the long lost princess of Zofia, was born with a special brand on her right palm. This mark connected the Zofian royal family to Mila. These Brands were said to tie to a prophecy that when the individual brands surfaced on a Rigelian prince and a Zofian princess, the reign of Duma and Mila on Valentia would end. While it is not known if these Brands bestow any special power onto Alm and Celica, both Brands flash when Alm and Celica uses their ultimate Combat Arts, Scendscale and Ragnarok Ω respectively.

TearRing Saga Series Edit

In Utna Heroes Saga, Utna and Garlon's four daughters are the progenitors of the royal dynasties and priestly families of Reeve, Leda, Salia, and Canaan. Among these descendants, certain women called shamans (巫女 miko) occasionally arise, who, have inherited the power to shapeshift into one of the Guardian Dragons (Muse, Kranion, Neuron, and Rachis). These powers indirectly derive from the emiyu Miradona, who gave Utna some of her blood to drink to fight against Kalbazan, who had also drunk her blood. The shamans are capable of utilizing special bracelets that help them control their draconic power and awaken the sleeping fragments of Garlon's blade, which had also been blessed by Utna.

In Berwick Saga, descent from ancient Lazberians (that is, Zoans) is considered divine, as they were called the Sons of Gods (神の子ら kami no kora). In the Kingdom of Veria, the most honored bloodline is that of High Priest Aramgraz's granddaughter Valentia, the first Apostle. Generally, only well-learned individuals with Lazberian ancestry are entrusted with the secrets of using magic, and it is said that only those of such ancestry are even capable of using it.

Growth BonusesEdit

Blood Chart
Blood Type HP Strength Magic Skill Speed Luck Defense Resistance Weapon Holy Weapon
Baldo Holy Blood Baldur +20% +10% 0 +10% 0 +10% 0 0 FE4 Sword Tyrfing Tyrfing
Odo Holy Blood Od +20% 0 0 +30% 0 0 0 0 FE4 Sword Balmung Balmung
Hezul Holy Blood Hezul +20% +30% 0 0 0 0 0 0 FE4 Sword Mistletain Mystletainn
Noba Holy Blood Noba +20% +10% 0 0 +10% 0 +10% 0 FE4 Lance Gae Bolg Lance Gáe Bolg
Dain Holy Blood Dain +20% 0 0 0 +30% 0 0 0 FE4 Lance FE4Gungnir Gungnir
Neir Holy Blood Neir +20% 0 0 0 0 0 +30% 0 FE4 Axe Swanchika Helswath
Ulir Holy Blood Ulir +20% 0 0 0 0 +30% 0 0 FE4 Bow FE4Ichaival Yewfelle
Fala Holy Blood Fjalar +20% 0 +30% 0 0 0 0 0 FE4 Fire Falaflame Valflame
Tordo Holy Blood Thrud +20% 0 0 +30% 0 0 0 0 FE4 Thunder FE4thorhammer Mjölnir
Holsety Holy Blood Forseti +20% 0 0 0 +30% 0 0 0 FE4 Wind Fe4holsety Forseti
Naga Holy Blood Naga +10% 0 +20% 0 0 0 0 +20% FE4 Light FE4narga Naga
Loptous Holy Blood Loptyr +10% 0 +20% 0 0 0 0 +20% FE4 Dark FE4loputousu Loptyr
Blagi Holy Blood Blaggi +10% 0 +10% 0 0 +10% 0 +20% FE4 Staff FE4valkyrie Valkyrie Staff


  • It is unclear if Holy Blood can ever dilute or not directly appear on certain individuals. Certain characters such as Chagall and Scipio have no minor blood despite Crusader lineage. Its not known if this was on purpose or due to programming difficulties.