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To Slay a God

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To Slay a God
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveDefeat commander
Units AllowedChrom +14
Units Gained-

“The evil Avatar has used his/her life force to resurrect Grima. To stop the dragon, Chrom must ascend Mount Prism, perform the Awakening, and win Naga's power.”
—Opening Narration

To Slay a God (How to kill a God in the Japanese version) is Chapter 25 of Fire Emblem: Awakening.


  • Physic (Trickster)
  • Levin Sword (Trickster)
  • Goetia (Aversa)


  • 2 Generals from the starting position at the end of turn 5
  • 4 Generals from the starting position at the end of turn 6
  • 4 Sorcerers from the starting position at the end of turn 7
  • Griffon Riders/Dark Fliers from the south-western and south-eastern mountains from turns 8-10.
  • Various enemy units from the west/east for turns 10-11
  • Griffon Riders/Dark Fliers from the mountains from turns 13-15
  • Various enemy units near Aversa from turns 15-17


The script for this chapter can be found here.


This chapter can be very difficult if you take it slow. Over the course of the game, you are bound to have the equipment to be able to complete this chapter in a couple of turns. There will be a large number of enemy reinforcements arriving, so unless you need to level up a bit more, they can be ignored. Your goal is to defeat Aversa, but she is far away from your starting area.

What you can do is power up your characters with Rally skills (such as Spectrum and Magic) and use a Rescue Chain all the way to Aversa (you need one Magic user with high move and high magic, so give Anna or Lissa a Magic Tonic and any Spirit Dust you may have). This does require someone who can go over the mountain terrain (such as a flying unit). This could be Anna, assuming she reached Level 15 as a Trickster, but Lissa reclassed into a Falcon Knight can do it as well. Having both makes it even easier. Then you can boost a single attacker with Rally skills to defeat Aversa very quickly. She has fairly high stats, but almost any Pair Up combination with both characters making use of her physical weaknesses (a forged Beast Slayer, Bows, or a Noble Rapier) and reaching 50 Speed (through Speed Tonic, Pair-Ups and Rally skills, and Aether) it is very possible to defeat her in one round of attacks. With the right amount of stat boosts, weapons, and skills, Aversa should go down quite quickly. If you do not mind resetting, even a character with Lethality can be used as a last resort.

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