• "I'm part of a group known as the Greil Mercenaries back in my world. Though I'm its leader... I wouldn't exactly say that I've got a handle on our finances yet."
  • "You worn out? Let me know if you are. I'll help, unless you think I'll just get in your way."
  • "I train when I can, though usually by myself. I'm not all that great when it comes to... you know, talk."
  • "The Heroes here are strong. Being around them makes me feel... Huh. Doesn't matter. I just need to get stronger."
  • "I'd spar with my father a lot during practice when I was younger. I'd lose every time. Get upset. Then take him on again."
  • "Are you the leader here? In any case, I've come with greetings from Friend." (Greeting from friend)
  • "Back when my father was teaching me how to use a sword, I was barely more than a boy. Every training battle was more frustrating than the last. I... I just struggled with it constantly. Then he died. I had to protect my sister, the Greil Mercenaries, everyone that he did... it was all on me. But I was told to use what I'd been given. If I did, then great things would happen. And I'm battling enemies that are sometimes stronger than I am. Do I really have a place here? But you hired me - rolled the dice that I might help you do great things here. So... right. Let's just cut this short there. You believed in me, so I'm glad to give it my all for you." (Upon reaching level 40)

Info screenEdit

  • "Heh."
  • "Pretty good food today. Who was on cooking duty?
  • "I'm Ike, commander of the Greil Mercenaries."
  • "You hired me, I said I'd get to work. See, I did. Glad to give you everything I have."
  • "Whuh?! Not smart to surprise a mercenary. We're quick on the attack."
  • "My father taught me how to handle a sword. It's all I know."
  • "As a commander, I'm green as they come. But I do my best. Those I fight with... they're family."
  • "Sorry if I'm not that great at... this talking stuff. But know you can always count on me."


  • "Okay."
  • "On it."
  • "Sure."

Level upEdit

  • "Feels good to have a surge like that. Real good!" (5-6 stats up)
  • "I must get stronger. I must avenge my father." (3-4 stats up)
  • "I'll never match his level of ability at this rate..." (1-2 stats up)
  • "You have my gratitude. I swear to repay this debt." (New skill learned)


  • "I won't let anyone die!"
  • "Run while you can!"
  • "Get out of my way!"
  • "I will finish you!"


  • "Over..."

 Ike (Choose Your Legends) Edit

Summoned Edit

  • "I'm Ike of the Greil Mercenaries. And this axe is Urvan. You might call it my current partner."

Home Edit

  • "So war has come to this world as well, and its people suffer for it. Seems there's work for me to do here."
  • "My father once led the Greil Mercenaries. Every person under his command trusted him fully."
  • "Let me take some chores off your hands so you can take a break. I'll... Hmm... I'll go chop some firewood!"
  • "This is Urvan, my father's axe... It's rugged and strong. It reminds me of him."
  • "Using an axe is different from using a sword. This guy requires power over skill. I need to get stronger."
  • "I'm Ike, from the Greil Mercenaries. I have a message for you. It's from Friend." (Greeting from friend)
  • "I had the strangest dream... It was of another world, and there were entire crowds calling my name. Countless people, all cheering for me. Can you believe it? I don't pretend to understand magic, but... Well, it wouldn't surprise me if that cheering is why I was summoned to this world. But if that is the case... I have to make sure I don't let them down. I'm no knight, and certainly no nobleman. My father was my only example of how a man should be. So I need to carry out his vision and make sure our mercenary company is something he would be proud of. To fight for the people, not for the money... That is my desire." (Upon reaching level 40)

Info Screen Edit

  • "This reminds me of something my father wore."
  • "Hmm? What is it? Do you need something?"
  • "I had a strange dream. Thousands of people... And they were all saying my name!"
  • "I was called to this world to answer the wishes of many. Or so it seems."
  • "I can't really remember that dream I had. But I do remember that you helped me."
  • "Father, watch over me. One day, I swear..."
  • "I'm grateful to you. You've done so much for me. You are a true friend."

Map Edit

  • "Understood."
  • "Orders?"
  • "It's all for you."

Entering Battle Edit

  • "You... like Ike?"

Level Up Edit

  • "Swinging this axe is becoming second nature." (5-6 stats up)
  • "Seems my body is finally getting used to this." (3-4 stats up)
  • "My training still has a long way to go." (1-2 stats up)
  • "I guess that means I need to work a bit harder around here now" (New skill learned)

Skill Edit

  • "This ends here!"
  • "Thanks to all!"
  • "I will defeat you!"
  • "With gratitude."

Defeat Edit

  • "Argh... I'm sorry..."

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