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“The dynasts' betrayal forces the Ylissean League to retreat and divide. Their main force marches on Yen'fay, while Basilio takes on Walhart despite the dangers.”
—Opening Narration

Inexorable Death (死の運命, Shi no Unmei lit. Fate of Death in the Japanese version) is Chapter 17 of Fire Emblem Awakening. This chapter takes place in Fort Steiger.


The script for this chapter can be found here.

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Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

In this chapter, your units start off in small groups of three outside the entrance of Fort Steiger. It is recommended that you bring along a unit or two with the Locktouch ability, noting the various treasures obtainable and the doors you can open, allowing for easier regrouping inside. This is especially true because this level has the only pair of Boots in the game outside of Renown points.There are two ways you can go through this chapter, either defeating Pheros as fast as possible and ending early, or ransacking the entire fortress and defeating all of the enemies. 

Players can choose between three entrances, but it is best to spearhead the middle if your units are not strong enough, as the left and right sides contain some moderately powerful units. However, if you can easily beat the units at the sides, spearhead the right side as a Thief will try to get the treasure at the same time.

After Say'ri informs the player of movement downstairs, if your units are not strong enough or you didn't take that much, block the four staircases on the right, as the allies will turn into enemies, and moving your units on the staircases will prevent the units from coming, similar to blocking a Fort. Once you have looted all the treasure from the fort, kill Pheros to finish the chapter.


Hard Mode (enemies spawn at the beginning of the enemy turn).

Trivia Edit

  • There is a unique conversation, during which Excellus will speak with Pheros, while she will be less than pleased with him. This conversation can only be seen if the player blocks all staircases on the turn when reinforcements are supposed to arrive.
  • When Basilio attacks Walhart, both characters land criticals in round two, even though the game screen says that their Critical Hit % are both 0.