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Infinite Regalia
Infinite Regalia
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveDefeat commander
Units Allowed12
Units GainedEldigan from the Outrealm
Infinite Regalia Map

“Divine Weapons--unique weapons that have received the blessing of the gods. However, deep within some ruins, twins of these divine weapons slumber. These treasures are guarded by deadlords and nobody has been able get past them. Is there anyone brave enough to conquer these ruins...?”
—Opening Narration

Infinite Regalia (Infinite Divine Weapons in the Japanese version) is Xenologue 15 of Fire Emblem: Awakening.

Not 12, but 36 Deadlords are guarding chests containing a variety of powerful and legendary items, ranging from Akaneia's spectral sword Mercurius to Tellius's long-ranged Double Bow. After completion of the mission, Eldigan joins as a Level 14 Paladin. Also upon the first completion of the map, the player will receive a Silver Card.

All of the Deadlords have rank A weapons, and have at least 3 skills regardless of difficulty. Tigris is the most dangerous Deadlord because of his Counter ability, and there may be cases in which there can be a lot of them. The weapons the Deadlords carry can vary, and multiple types of the same weapon can be carried by the same or different units. Deadlords do not move unless a target is within range of them. Therefore, they will not rally unless this occurs.

The positions the enemies are in stay in every attempt in this Xenologue. The main enemies however, change per attempt, so do not rely on the map shown for what enemy type they are. The side enemies are always the same in every attempt.

There are also 4 regular thieves quickly making their way to the chests at the end of the map as well. They can serve as chest lockpickers if a unit with Locktouch is not brought onto the map but must be killed if they do steal the Regalia before the player can pick the chest themselves, they will need to be quickly defeated to claim the Regalia. Also the General in the center of the map is the commander so make sure to let him live until you get the Regalia, otherwise the map will end once he is killed.

List of Obtainable ItemsEdit


A script of the Xenologue can be found here.


  • In most of the children's pre-battle quotes with the Deadlords on this map, they are reminded of their parents when battling the Deadlords. This may imply that the Deadlords on this map are the fallen parent characters from the future.
    • Coincidentally there are 36 first generation/parent characters to support this.
    • Tiki's battle quote in this chapter also implies this.
  • Most of the Deadlords' dialogue indicate that they may secretly be lonely despite there being 36 of them.
  • Aversa's intro speech on this map states that, though these Deadlords have the same name as hers, their bodies are different than the ones she sent against the player.
  • The Bolt Axe is the only weapon on this map that can be bought in game through L'Arachel's SpotPass shop. The rest only have only 1 copy of that weapon in the game without this Xenologue.
  • Even though there are 36 Deadlords and the fact that all 12 of them talk during the introduction and completion of the level, sometimes the map generates the Deadlords with some of them missing. (e.g a map can be filled with lots of Anguillas and Ovis, but not have Tigris and Lepus.)
  • The battle music for this chapter is "Vs. Arvis" from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.

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