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Scion of Legend
GameFire Emblem: Awakening
ObjectiveRout the enemy
Units AllowedChrom +12
Units GainedOwain (NPC, talk with Chrom or Lissa)

Lissa: Oh! I know! Do I have children?
Lucina: You have a son named Owain.
Lissa: Aw, cute! What's he like?
Lucina: He's... Well, he's quite colorful.
Lissa: Hm... I'm not sure I want to know what that means.”

Lissa and Lucina discuss Owain

Scion of Legend (Inheritors of the Legend in the Japanese version) is Paralogue 5 of Fire Emblem: Awakening, featuring Owain.

Paralogue InformationEdit

Owain appears close to Chrom's army and can be spoken to on the very first turn. There are 3 NPC sages in houses and each will give an item when spoken to. However the Southeast Sage will give Missiletainn, Owain's personal sword, only if Owain is the one who talks to him. This is the only way to get this sword without the Infinite Regalia DLC chapter.

Unlock and AccessEdit

This paralogue unlocks once Lissa obtains an S-support with someone and Chapter 13 has been completed. However it cannot be accessed directly from a chapter until Chapter 15 unless the following Paralogues have also been unlocked:


On this map, the majority of the enemies on this map are high-levelled unpromoted units, along with three promoted enemies (including Gecko). There are also three Sages, one in each house but act as relief support units, healing your wounded units with Physic staves. As they cannot defend themselves (and have low stats for their class), players should protect them from the nearby units who will rush into their houses in the attempt to kill them. Once all the enemies execpt for Gecko and his four units nearby are killed, talk to the Sages to get some items before killing him.


Recruiting OwainEdit

Recruited by ChromEdit

  • Owain: "Nrgh! Sword hand, no! Control yourself! P-power... too great... C-can't contain it..."
  • Chrom: "Um, sorry to interrupt your... conversation? But I have a question about your stance. You've crafted your own style around it, but it's clearly from the royal house of Ylisse."
  • Owain: "By the gods old and new! Another future traveler?! And yet, impossible, for I saw none like him in the light... Who are you, villain?! Speak now!"
  • Chrom: "Um, I'm Chrom. ...Of Ylisse? I have no quarrel with you, but if we must fight, then-"
  • Owain: "UNCLE CHROM?!"
  • Chrom: "...Uncle?"
  • Owain: "Wait! Hold on! Let me start over. O fellow scion of the great hero, I greet you as kin and kind! From across the misty shores of time I strive, bearing forth tidings of-"
  • Chrom: "Keep it brief, would you?"
  • Owain: "...I'm Lissa's kid from the future!"
  • Chrom: "That is... not what I was expecting to hear. Did you come with Lucina?"
  • Owain: "Yes. It seems the blood we share has drawn us like moths to the flame! Like a great tidal wave of heroism, we crash upon the shores of evil and-"
  • Chrom: "Can you fight? Or do you just talk a lot?"
  • Owain: "My mettle in combat is the stuff of legend! Bards sing tales of my- H-hey! Wait! Uncle Chrooom! I have but one request. If you find the sword Mystletainn, please permit me to wield it!"
  • Chrom: "I heard you wailing about that before. What kind of blade are we talking here?"
  • Owain: A legendary one, Uncle! Imbued with the very power of the gods, if the tales are to be believed. I would use its might to defend my sacred queen and mother!"
  • Chrom: "...You mean Lissa? *Sigh* I suppose I should just be happy she has such a... devoted son."

Recruited by LissaEdit

  • Lissa: "Oh, hey! It's you. Thanks for helping-"
  • Owain: "MUM?!"
  • Lissa: "Hu-what?"
  • Owain: "Blessed Mother! I have crossed oceans of time to find- Oh, forget it. I'm your kid from the future! Look at the signet ring upon my finger. Behold, a perfect match to yours! Unique in all the world, and yet here lie two. Proof positive my claims are true!"
  • Lissa: "... Who did what now? Hold on. Slow down. Back up. Start again."
  • Owain: "Um... Sorry about that. Look, the important thing here is that I'm-"
  • Lissa: "...Oh, gods. Owain."
  • Owain: "Huh?"
  • Lissa: "That's your name. Isn't it?"
  • Owain: "Indeed it is! And none have ever been prouder to bear it! For it is the name you gave me, Mother! I've come to part the dark clouds that hang forebodingly over this era!"

Obtaining MissiletainnEdit

  • Villager: "You're a kind soul to fight for strangers so. Here, you must take this."
  • Owain: "By the ghost of Ike! I've found it at last! The fated mate of my sword hand! ...The divine blade, Mystletainn!"
  • Villager: "Er, I'm afraid this is a blade of extremely common make, sir. I was using it to dig a well, but I figured you might--"
  • Owain: "Come, Mystletainn! Destiny beckons!"
  • Villager: "I also used it to cut small vegetables before it got dull. ...Er, hello?
(obtained Missiletainn)
  • Owain: "The blade of legend and song... I feel its power coursing through me! At last, my sword hand lays calm. Come, Mystletainn. Destiny beckons! The rest of these rogues are ours alone!"

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