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Inspiration (戦術指南, Senjutsu Shinan lit. Tactics Guide in the Japanese version) is a Skill in Fire Emblem Fates.


Allies within a two tile radius of the user deal two extra damage and receive two less damage during battles. Learned by Strategists at Level 15 or higher.

Inspiration is a quick and easy method to buff allies without using a rally skill, but is arguably less effective. Inspiration is useful on many occasions, but does not stack with other instances of itself; if one unit is affected with Inspiration, and another unit with Inspiration gets with 2 tiles of said unit, it will not receive a second boost. With that said, a unit with the Inspiration Skill IS boosted by another unit with Inspiration, as the skill does not affect the owner.

Inspiration DOES STACK with Gentilhomme and Demoiselle, for a total of 4 damage dealt and -4 received.

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