“In a vision that feels neither real nor dreamed, the Avatar and Chrom defeat the mage Validar. But in the vision's last moments, events take an unexpected turn.”
—Opening Narration

Invisible Ties (運命か 絆か Unmei ka, Kizuna ka lit. Fate, or Bonds? in the Japanese version) is the Premonition of Fire Emblem Awakening.

The player fights Validar with Chrom and the Avatar. The game explains basic controls step by step. After defeating Validar, the player experiences a cutscene in which Validar falls, but then the Avatar kills Chrom. Despite this, Chrom tells the Avatar to not blame themself.

This chapter occurs in Lucina's timeline, and the Avatar who killed Chrom turns out to be Grima.


The script for this Chapter can be found here.

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The Verge of History

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