This transcript is for the prologue chapter of Fire Emblem Awakening, "Invisible Ties (Premonition)".

Opening Cutscene: Fated ClashEdit

(Chrom and the Avatar are fighting Validar; Chrom attacks with Falchion while Validar counters with Grima's Truth)

Chrom: Up there!

(The Avatar fires magic at Validar and misses)

Validar: You fool!

(Validar stuns Chrom and prepares a killing blow)

Validar: Die!

(The Avatar intercepts the attack with one of their own; after the smoke clears, Validar grunts, impressed)


Chrom: This is it! Our final battle! You're one of us, Avatar, and no "destiny" can change that. Now let's kill this dastard and be done with it!

(Validar is indicated across the field)

Chrom: Avatar, we have to get closer. Let's move!
Chrom: [upon being selected] All right, my turn.
Chrom: [if the Avatar is selected] Go ahead, Avatar!

End of Player Phase (1)Edit

Validar: Ha ha ha! Why do you resist?

Beginning of Player Phase (2)Edit

Chrom: Good, he's almost within reach. Let's move in and strike!


Validar: Gya ha ha! Fools! Struggle all you want! You cannot unwrite what is already written!

If Chrom is Defeated Edit

Chrom: Avatar, I...I'm Sorry. while you can...

Validar: Gya ha ha! You can't escape it! That's why it's called destiny!

(Game Over Screen pops up)

If Avatar is Defeated Edit

Chrom: Avatar! No! This can't be how it ends!

Validar: Heh heh heh... GYA HA HA HA!

(Game Over Screen pops up)

Post-Battle Cutscene: Fated Clash IIEdit

(Validar collapses, seemingly defeated)

Validar: This isn't over... Damn you BOTH!

(Validar fires dark magic at Chrom, but the Avatar shoves him out of the way) (Chrom rushes over to the wounded Avatar)

Chrom: Are you all right? That's the end of him. Thanks to you we carried the day. We can rest easy now. At long last...

(The Avatar's vision grows red and bloodshot)

Chrom: ...What's wrong? Hey, hang on —

(The Avatar stabs Chrom with a bolt of Thunder magic) (The Avatar's vision returns to normal. After that, they look at their hand, crackling with electricity, in horror)

Chrom: This is not your — your fault... Promise me you'll escape from this place... Please, go...

(Chrom collapses; evil laughter resounds)

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