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Paralogue 19: Irreconcilable PathsEdit


  • Chrom: ...Risen. And lots of them.
  • Lucina: Be careful. I feel a dark power emanating from them. Darker than usual. They resemble the monsters that drove us to the brink of extinction in my future...
  • Chrom: I feel it, too. They seem stronger than any we've faced before.
  • Lucina: Perhaps we needn't fight this battle. We're miles from the nearest village... These Risen may never threaten anyone.
  • Chrom: They aren't the only power at work here. There's something else... Something strong.

Battle BeginsEdit

  • Walhart: Useless husks! Do you bend the knee to me already? Pah! I've no use for blind obedience. I need you to face me! I was driven off the path to conquest, and only blood will see me returned to it. Only HIS blood!

Engaging WalhartEdit

With ChromEdit

  • Chrom: Walhart! You survived?!
  • Walhart: My heart beats no more... But the flame of life within me refuses to gutter out. This marks the third and final time our blades will cross!
  • Chrom: The war has ended, Walhart! We've no reason left to fight.
  • Walhart: We have EVERY reason! A conqueror rules by strength alone. Defeat is death, and I must rise again!
  • Chrom: That's utter nonsense! The fell dragon is reborn and plans to destroy this world! If you're really so dead set on battle, then fight at my side!
  • Walhart: Such arrogance. This world is mine! I'll suffer no one to harm what is mine, be they man, dragon, or otherwise.
  • Chrom: Then let's strike him down together.
  • Walhart: Words will not divert my course. Only steel! If you would claim me, draw your blade and make it so!
  • Chrom: *Sigh* Fine! We can fight again... But when I defeat you THIS time, you WILL join my cause!


  • Walhart: In this land, I have crushed a multitude of Risen and made them my own. You snuffed my dreams of conquest... I dare you now to snuff the spark of life within my breast! (with any other unit)
  • Walhart: Ngh... Then the exalt-to-be is...the conqueror in true... (upon defeat)

After BattleEdit

If Chrom fought WalhartEdit

  • Walhart: ......
  • Chrom: You gave your word, Walhart. Now fight with us.
  • Walhart: First I must know how you defeated me. I have never lacked for strength.
  • Chrom: ...But you stand alone. My own strength is but a fraction of the strength I wield. My allies hone and temper me. They boost my morale and guide my actions.
  • Walhart: You tread the path of kings.
  • Chrom: What?
  • Walhart: You rule by winning hearts. ...I rule by winning battles. We are opposites, you and I. I cannot change. I tread the path of the conqueror, and conquerors walk alone. However, I am curious to see just how far your kingly path can lead you...

(Scene cut)

Either WayEdit

  • Frederick: The wounded have been treated and the horses loaded. We should hurry on, milord.
  • Chrom: The path of the conqueror...
  • Frederick: Milord?
  • Chrom: Sorry. Just thinking out loud. You know, honestly I'm a bit jealous of Walhart. He stands for strength above all things. He has no regrets, no doubts. He's a juggernaut that charges forward and mows down whatever gets in his way. I'm...not like that. My steps are often plagued with question and worry.
  • Frederick: Perhaps such emotions are part and parcel of your path, milord. Not obstacles to it.
  • Chrom: How do you mean?
  • Frederick: The doubtless man's path is straight, but not always true. A juggernaut does not pause to correct trajectory. It merely presses on. But by stopping, doubting, and occasionally doubling back, you keep a truer course. I could not serve a conqueror, milord. And I pray you not think prudence a flaw.
  • Chrom: ...Thank you, Frederick.
  • Frederick: Not at all, milord. Shall we, then?
  • Chrom: Of course. Forward! ...For now.

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