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“I am a knight of Pherae. I will carry out my duty and return safely.”

Isadora (イサドラ) is a playable character in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken. She is a female Paladin in service to house Pherae. She is a steward to Lord Eliwood's mother Eleanora and remained in Pherae with her until she was told to go help Eliwood. Isadora is a daughter of a noble family and the only female among the knights of Pherae. She studies to be a lady and was engaged to the hero Harken, but their relationship is not exempt from trouble. Additionally, she can fall for the thief Legault or the bishop Renault if they reach A support level.

In GameEdit

Description: A paladin in service to House Pherae. Modest and polite.

Base StatsEdit

Starting Class Affinity
FE8 Paladin Map Sprite Paladin GBADark Dark
Level HP Str Skl Spd Lck Def Res Con Mov
1 28 13 12 16 10 8 6 6 8
Weapon Starting Items

Sword Sword - A
Lance Lance - B
Axe Axe - D

SilverswordSilver Sword
ShortspearShort Spear
AngelicrobeAngelic Robe

Growth RatesEdit

HP S/M Skl Spd Lck Def Res
75% 30% 35% 50% 45% 20% 25%

Other SupportsEdit

See also: Isadora/Supports


Isadora faces heavy competition for usage right from the start. Kent and Sain are often considered to be among the best characters in the game, and Marcus can become fairly powerful with minimal investment. Isadora joins midway through the game, at roughly the point that Kent and Sain would be capable of promoting. Upon joining, she is roughly on par with Marcus, who was obtained all the way back in Chapter 11. All of them will likely be immediately superior to her. Her Dark affinity is also very rare, so she probably will not benefit from Tactician Stars. Her growth rates do give her a better longterm prospects than Marcus, but both Kent and Sain are better units overall.

Statistically, Isadora has higher speed than other potential Paladins, but is weighed down by her lower constitution, which causes her to lose attack speed even from lighter weapons, such as a Killing Edge, Silver Sword, and an Iron Lance. However, her speed is generally still high enough for her to double most opponents, though facing faster opponents can be an issue. A Body Ring can mitigate her low constitution if leverage against faster opponents is desired.

Isadora does not possess fantastic defensive parameters, as she has low HP and defense stats. Unless she uses the Angelic Robe she starts with, she may suffer from significant durability problems, especially for a unit that should be able to rush right into battle. Her strength is a bit low, and she may struggle to make kills if one equips her with basic weaponry; however, she already has high weapon ranks in swords and lances, allowing her to make use of higher grade weapons from the get go. While she has a number of support options that yield offensive and defensive gains, her darkness affinity does not help bring her attack power nor defenses up if any of these supports are utilized. However, these support options should not be overlooked, as they do help mitigate some of Isadora's weaknesses. Being able to support with other cavalry units,as well as other low-investment prepromotes, is a plus.

All in all, Isadora is a decent replacement cavalier that can perform respectably well and can even achieve a niche of her own if given a chance, but is ultimately overshadowed by her competition. The player has little reason not to make use of every paladin that they can, and Isadora can certainly contribute for the rest of the game past her joining time.


Death quoteEdit

“Harken... Where are you? I... I can't see anything...”
—Death Quote

Final Chapter: Light quoteEdit

“My pride shall not be broken! My strength holds true!”
—Final Chapter Quote


Isadora - Escort of Pherae

As a knight of the imperial guard, Isadora served as guard to Lady Eleanora. She continued to study to be a lady up until she wed.

Isadora and Harken
They were married shortly after returning to Pherae. Their love grew during their years of service, and now it blossomed with the blessings of Eliwood and Eleanora. Many envied their good fortune.

Isadora and Legault
After the war, Isadora went to Pherae, and Legault went to Bern. Though they traveled different paths, they stayed in each other's hearts. They met again ten years later on the battlefield, as enemies.

Isadora and Renault
Renault simply vanished after the battle. Isadora, now alone, returned to Pherae, as a member of the imperial guard. Years later, she entered the service of Elimine, hoping to find answers in the clergy.


  • A villager describes Isadora as having "emerald eyes", though her eyes are actually blue.
  • Isadora and Harken are based off Midia and Astram, since Midia and Isadora are both blue-haired paladins who are in love with blond heroes, Astram and Harken respectively.
  • If Lowen recruits Harken in Pale Flower of Darkness, during their recruitment talk Lowen will erroneously refer to her as "Isabella".
  • Isadora is the only female character able to use axes in Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken.


'Isadora' means 'gift of Isis,' from the Egyptian goddess 'Isis' and the Greek 'doron' meaning 'gift.'

'Isadora' can also be a variant of Isolda, a fictional Irish princess who fell in love with an English knight, Tristain.


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