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“I mean no disrespect... but do understand I take great pride in being a warlock of Freege. With the murder of my parents and my brother... it pains me to sit here doing nothing. Please allow me to fight!”
—Ishtar to Julius in the Final Chapter of Genealogy of the Holy War

Ishtar (イシュタル Ishutaru) is an enemy character from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. She is the daughter of Bloom and Hilda, as well as the sister of Ishtore. She is also the cousin of Arthur, Tine, Amid, and Linda, the niece of Tailtiu and Ethnia, and a granddaughter of Reptor.

Through her father, she is a descendant of Tordo who has inherited the ability to use the Mjölnir. From her mother's side, she is a descendant of Fala. As a result of her immense power, Ishtar is known as the Goddess of Thunder.

Profile Edit

During her childhood, Reinhardt was assigned to be Ishtar's personal guard. While he became the first in command under her to the Gelben Ritter, she became a very powerful mage who is widely known for her skill with thunder magic.

Despite her mother's cruel treatment of Tine/Linda, Ishtar did not treat her with disdain, and instead did her best to comfort her in her times of need.

Some time before the Liberation War, Ishtar and the Imperial Prince Julius of Grannvale fell in love with each other. Her mother was very pleased with this relationship, as she wished to benefit from their union. After Julius received the book of Loptyr, he murdered his mother and tried to kill his sister, but his love for Ishtar never changed. Despite knowing what happened to him, she remained loyal to him and continued to love him. However, once he began performing the child hunts, she became shocked and attempted to convince him to stop. After Julius ignored her protests, Ishtar began to work with Emperor Arvis to secretly free the captured children.

Soon afterwards, while she and Julius are in Conote, he comes down with a high fever. She becomes very worried about him and travels to Leonster Castle to ask Bishop Saias to cure Julius of his illness. Around this point in time, Julius begins to notice Reinhardt's romantic feelings for Ishtar, which makes him extremely jealous and furious. He orders Ishtar to remove Reinhardt from his status, which she reluctantly agrees to, although she also begs Julius not to kill him. Afterwards, Ishtar and Julius travels to Miletos, where Hilda is currently residing.

Around this time, Ishtore and his lover, Liza, are killed by the Liberation Army led by Seliph, who soon recruits Tine/Linda into his army. While Bloom is saddened by both his son's death and his niece's betrayal, he summons Ishtar to Conote and begs her to protect him. Surprised by her father's panicking, Ishtar agrees to his pleas, but asks him to give her the Mjölnir before she leaves to fight the Liberation Army.

Despite her immense magical power, Ishtar is defeated by the Liberation Army, but before she could die, Julius suddenly appears and rescues her. This ultimately leaves Bloom with no one to protect him, and he is soon slain by the Liberation Army.

After recovering from her wounds, Ishtar is ordered by Julius to send the captured children to Belhalla Castle so that he could sacrifice them. She reluctantly obeys, and after his departure, Hilda reminds Ishtar that she is the best candidate for Julius's affections, urging her to marry him as soon as possible. Following this, she is commanded to travel to Miletos Castle and prepare the children to be sent to the capital.

In Miletos, Emperor Arvis asks Ishtar to free the children. However, Julius soon appears and informs him that she serves only him while also commanding him to leave. After this, Julius informs Ishtar that the Liberation Army had come to Miletos and proposes for them to play a game in which the victor is the first person to successfully kill an enemy soldier. After either of them are defeated or kill someone, they leave the battlefield together and travel to Belhalla.

In the Final Chapter, Ishtar learns that Hilda has been slain in battle against the Liberation Army, and as a result, she asks Julius for permission to lead the Weissen Ritter into battle. While he is reluctant at first, he agrees to it once she declares her love for him. Along with her, she takes the Falcon Knight sisters, Meng, Bleg, and Maybell. Ingnoring Tine's pleas for her to stop fighting, Ishtar ultimately dies fighting against the Liberation Army.


Ishtar has a complex personality and appears to be torn between duty and desire. Although she is a major antagonist, she is a kind and caring woman who is not cruel or ruthless in the least. Because of this, she is viewed positively by the people of the Friege region. Despite her undying loyalty to Julius, she is willing to defy his will behind his back, as seen when she helps the children who were captured in the child hunts.

Despite her lack of personal disdain towards them, Ishtar remains persistent in fighting against Seliph. Her love for Julius and her family are major factors that prevent her from defecting to the Liberation Army, despite Tine's efforts to convince her.

In GameEdit

Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy WarEdit


  • Minor Holy Blood Indicator - Minor Holy Blood
  • Major Holy Blood Indicator - Major Holy Blood

Starting Class Holy Blood
FE4 Sage Enemy (F)Sage Tordo Holy BloodMajor Holy Blood IndicatorTordo
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov Lead Gold
22 42 5 22 24+20 29+10 12 10 19 6 1FE4 Leadership Star 5,000
Skills Weapon Starting Items


FE4 FireFire - B
FE4 ThunderThunder - FE4 Star Rank (Weapons)
FE4 WindWind - B
FE4 LightLight - B
FE4 StaffStaff - B


Starting Class Holy Blood
FE4 Sage Enemy (F)Sage Tordo Holy BloodMajor Holy Blood IndicatorTordo
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov Lead Gold
27 50 5 28 24+20 30+10 13 10 26 6 0 5,000
Skills Weapon Starting Items


FE4 FireFire - B
FE4 ThunderThunder - FE4 Star Rank (Weapons)
FE4 WindWind - B
FE4 LightLight - B
FE4 StaffStaff - B

BarrierringBarrier Ring
LiferingLife Ring

Starting Class Holy Blood
FE4 Sage Enemy (F)Sage Tordo Holy BloodMajor Holy Blood IndicatorTordo
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov Lead Gold
30 70 6 30 27+20 30+10 15 18 27 6 5FE4 Leadership Star 5,000
Skills Weapon Starting Items


FE4 FireFire - B
FE4 ThunderThunder - FE4 Star Rank (Weapons)
FE4 WindWind - B
FE4 LightLight - B
FE4 StaffStaff - B

BarrierringBarrier Ring


Ishtar appears to engage the player in battle three different times, specifically in Chapters 8, 10, and the Final Chapter. She is a force to be reckoned with in all three instances.

- In the first two encounters, Febail with the Yewfelle should be able to take her out in one hit. Additionally, if a staff user has a high enough magic stat, the Silence Staff can be used to cripple her. This allows you to attack her without fear of retaliation.

- In the final encounter, it is recommended to use the Forseti user to defeat her, or have Ced with at least 28 magic or more and a Magic Ring to silence her with the Silence Staff.

Fire Emblem AwakeningEdit


Starting Class
FE13 NPC Generic Sage (F) Map SpriteSage
Level HP Str Mag Skl Spd Lck Def Res Mov
20 73 9 40+7 37+5 38 28 26 37 6
Skills Weapon Starting Items

Magic +2Magic +2
MagiccryiconRally Magic
Astra (FE13)Astra

TomeIconFE13Tome - A
StaffIconFE13Staff - B

Thor Hammer FE13 IconMjölnir*

*Enemy only, joins unequipped


Genealogy of the Holy WarEdit

Chapter 8Edit

(Enemy Phase 5)
Ishtar: Father, you called for me?
Bloom: Ishtar? Good, you made it. The rebel army is nearing. Please... you must protect me!
Ishtar: Father, this so unlike you! How could a petty band of rebels get you so worked up?
Bloom: They've already killed your brother, Ishtore, and we've lost Tine as well. I can't rely on Vampa and her sisters either... You're all I have left!
Ishtar: I see... I'll need the Mjölnir then. I can take care of the enemy blindfolded with that in my possession.
Bloom: You want th... the Mjölnir!? Hmph... Alright, take it. Just don't slip up!
Ishtar: I won't... I can handle this.

(Tine engaging Ishtar in battle)
Ishtar: Hey, aren't you Tine? Why are you fighting me?
Tine: Ishtar!? I, I'm sorry...
Ishtar: So you're betraying us... I misjudged you, Tine!

(After Ishtar is defeated)
Julius: Ishtar, I can't afford to lose you here. Come with me to Belhalla.
Ishtar: ...Huh!? Prince Julius! How did you...
Julius: I need you, Ishtar. Come join me...
Ishtar: Of course, anything!

Chapter 10Edit

Julius: Ishtar, how are things coming along?
Ishtar: They're proceeding smoothly, Your Highness.
Julius: Hmph... The sacrifices to the Dark Lord must be quite a scare for the people.
Ishtar: They all go to pieces when their child is to be sacrificed. Especially the mothers...
Julius: Heh heh... Perfect. Break them down until they've lost the will to live. They become like puppets and make for excellent slaves of the Lopto Empire.
Ishtar: How shall I handle the excess of children? This castle is full as it is.
Julius: Have them sent to the capital. I'll groom them myself. After breaking all sibling and friendship ties, I'll match them up in a duel to the death. Those who survive shall go on to serve Loptyr as faithful new inhabitants of the empire.
Ishtar: But what about Emperor Arvis? He has made it clear that he is strictly opposed to any child hunts.
Julius: Sheesh... Don't worry about my father. Just let me handle this.
(Julius leaves)
Ishtar: Prince Julius...
(Hilda appears)
Hilda: Ishtar, where's His Imperial Highness?
Ishtar: Ah, mother...He just left for Belhalla.
Hilda: I see. I think he likes you, dear. You think he'll ever make you his princess?
Ishtar: I don't know.
Hilda: Ishtar, you listen up! We Freeges are of noble rank within Grannvale. And I'm originally from Velthomer, just as the Imperial family is. Who could possibly make a more worthy partner for His Highness than yourself!?
Ishtar: Yes, mother.
Hilda: Now, on to these rebels... the ones responsible for killing my husband and my dear Ishtor. They stole Alster from us, as well. Seliph and his family shall forever remain the Freege's bitter enemy! Ishtar, I'll stay here to confront the rebel army when they arrive. You go on back to Miletos and get the children ready to send to the capital.
Ishtar: Yes, mother.

(Enemy Phase after Rados and Chronos are conquered)
Alvis: Ishtar, it's good to see you. How are things?
Ishtar: Your Majesty! What brings you here?
Alvis: Ishtar... I know you can do better than this. Now release the children.
Ishtar: But I have orders from Prince Julius...
Alvis: I'll inform Julius myself. Don't you worry about him.
Ishtar: But...
Alvis: That's an order, Ishtar! Do you have a problem taking orders from me!?
Ishtar: No... of course not.
Julius: I can't have you interfering like this, father. Ishtar works for me.
Alvis: Julius! I've had about enou-
Julius: You still don't get it, do you... You're too old, father. Don't you think it's time you retired? Or do you still have thoughts of banishing me from the empire?
Alvis: No... I know how far that got me. You do as you please.
Julius: Alright, then quit hanging around here and get on back to your own castle! If I'm not mistaken you have Chalphy Castle to defend!
Alvis: ...
Manfroy: Heh heh... He's emperor in name only, I see... Such a wretched fool.
Julius: Manfroy, how's my twin sister? Did you get her memories back?
Manfroy: Yes, everything with Julia went smoothly. She's being held at Chalphy Castle. She clearly remembers how, when you were children, you left her for dead...As well as her mother warping her outside the castle walls.
Julius: Hmph... Yeah, Deirdre just sort of accepted the idea of being killed by her own son. But she did manage to muster enough power to save Julia before I could finish her off. Julia inherited the power of Lord Naga from Deirdre, not I. That's why we must kill her... while we have the chance.
Manfroy: But the Book of Naga is sealed up at Belhalla...I cannot envision Lord Naga somehow residing within the girl, as well.
Julius: You just don't get it, do you...The incarnate of Naga flows within the Heim's royal blood. We must wipe every last one of them from the planet!
Manfroy: Alright, then. I'll have her executed at once, Your Highness.
Julius: Don't you slip up, Manfroy. Alright, I need to head back to Belhalla.
Manfroy:I'll place the entire sect behind holding the region. And I'll see to it that we bring before you the corpse of Seliph.
Julius: Seliph... People refer to him as the Prince of Light.... and me the Prince of Darkness. They believe we both share the same mother somehow and that he is first in the line of succession to Grannvale's throne! Only a fool would believe such nonsense.
Manfroy: The consequences would be disastrous if he were allowed to live. We must kill him!
Julius: Yeah, well, he only inherits the power of Crusader Baldur...I'm not all too concerned about him, but you do as you please.
Manfroy: Yes...
Ishtar: Your Highness...
Julius: Ishtar, I'm leaving the dark bishop in charge. Let's be on our way. Hey, let's have a little fun first. I'd say one of the rebels would make a nice blood offering. Shall we have a little test of skill to see who can make the quickest kill?
Ishtar: I'm all for that!

Final ChapterEdit

(Enemy Phase after Freege is conquered)
Ishtar: Your Highness, I wish to take the Weissen Ritter out and fortify the palace's defense. I request your permission to leave the Royal Palace.
Julius: Hmph... Why do you need to join the battle all of a sudden? They can send as many soldiers as they want. They can't defeat me... You just stay put.
Ishtar: I mean no disrespect... but do understand I take great pride in being a warlock of Freege. With the murder of my parents and my brother... it pains me to sit here doing nothing. Please allow me to fight!
Julius: You have a death wish or something, Ishtar? Or are you just trying to elude me?
Ishtar: No...Of course not. I love you, Julius. You know that.
Julius: Heh heh...Alright, you do what you want. I'm not stopping you.
Ishtar: Thank you, Your Highness. Meng, Bleg, Maybell... come with me!
Meng: Yes, Your Highness!
Julius: How about we wrap this up...Have Areone's mercenary squad set in an attack pattern. Dark Warlords, it's show time! I'm all through playing. That rebel army is history!!

(Tine engaging Ishtar in battle)
Ishtar: Tine...
Tine: Ishtar, please... This isn't like you... you've always been so kind to me. I know you don't want to fight us.
Ishtar: ...I may have gone down the wrong path, but I can't go back now. Please forgive me, Tine...

Thracia 776Edit

Chapter 4Edit

Manfroy: Veld, how is the child hunting coming along?
Veld: Yes, Bishop Manfroy, the citizens protested in some areas, we managed to round up all of the children.
Manfroy: Good. Now we only have Tahra left. If they insist on protesting, don't hesitate to burn them down, city and all. It shall set an example for the other cities. Have no mercy.
Veld: Of course. However, the Freege generals seem to be hesitant. They have surrounded the city, but they seem reluctant to step in.
Manfroy: Princess Ishtar... Your father seems unwilling to fight. May I have an explanation?
Ishtar: My father is hesitating because many important nobles are voicing their concern with the child hunting. My brother is also strongly against this act. Bishop Manfroy, please stop the child hunting. It is unbearable to separate young children from their parents. And sacrificing them to Loptyr is not something that a humane person would do!
Julius: Ishtar, I think there's a misunderstanding. I am not telling them to kill the children. I just want to educate them to be fitting citizens for my empire. Those who withstand the training will earn high posts and rule over the other inferior citizens. In other words, they will become new nobles, Ishtar. I'm giving them a chance to grasp their happiness.
Ishtar: They only become nobles after surviving through harsh hatred between each other... That is not happiness.
Julius: ...You'll understand soon enough. Oh, Ishtar, did you know there was a beautiful flower garden in the yard? Let's go take a look.
Ishtar: ...Julius...

Chapter 17AEdit

Ishtar: Bishop Saias!
Saias: Princess Ishtar? And Lord Reinhardt ... What is the matter? You look worried.
Ishtar: Julius is not well! He is suffering from a very high fever...
Saias: He was never strong, but he seems to be getting worse lately... Have you told the Lopto bishops?
Ishtar: I won't let them go near him!
Saias: Not even Lord Manfroy!? Why not?
Ishtar: You know that reason more than anyone else, Lord Saias... Please understand.
Saias: ...Very well. I will try to be of some help. Where is Lord Julius?
Ishtar: In my room in Conote...
Saias: I see... Well then, let's go, Queen Ishtar.

Chapter 21xEdit

Julius: So this fort has fallen, too... And Bloom seems to be struggling in Conote as well. Hmph... I suppose this is all one can expect from the Freeges.
Ishtar: ...I'm sorry.
Julius: It isn't your fault... But I won't let you go to Conote. I need you, Ishtar.
Ishtar: Yes... But where are we to go?
Julius: Miletos. Hilda has been getting on my case...
Ishtar: My mother...? Why?
Julius: She wants me to look at her work so far with the child hunting. She seems to be quite happy that I left Miletos in her hands.
Ishtar: ...Mother...
Julius: Miletos would be a perfect place to stay. Let's see... Ah, I'll buy you a beautiful silken dress. And...a ruby tiara to go with it. I'm sure Hilda will throw a splendid party for us. And I'm going to show you beautifully dressed up and surprise everyone there. Doesn't that sound wonderful, Ishtar? Ishtar, my love...
Ishtar: Julius...
Julius: Oh, Ishtar. Don't let that Reinhardt come near us any more.
Ishtar: Reinhardt!? But he has been my personal guard since I was a child. I need him.
Julius: I don't care about that. I don't like him... I don't like the way he looks at you. If he appears in front of me again, I'll kill him!
Ishtar: ...Very well... I will send Reinhardt back to the castle. So please don't...
Julius: Hmph, that's right. Now come, Ishtar. Let us be off!

Battle QuotesEdit

“I'm sorry about this... But you're gonna die! MJÖLNIR!!”
—Ishtar's battle quote in Chapter 8

“It seems I’ve won, Lord Julius.”
—Ishtar's battle quote in Chapter 10

“No words from you… Just witness the wrath of the Goddess of Thunder!!”
—Ishtar's battle quote in the Final Chapter

Death/Defeat QuotesEdit

“Ahh... Lord Julius...”
—Defeat quote in Chapter 8

“Eh? Why...?”
—Defeat quote in Chapter 10

“My Lord Julius...I...”
—Death quote in the Final Chapter


Ishtar was the name of the Assyrian and Babylonian goddess of fertility, love, and war. She had many lovers, but because of her love for them, most of them met some form of misfortune. For example, her love for the god Tammuz led to his death.

It makes sense for Ishtar to be named after the goddess of love and war because of her love for Julius and her prowess on the battlefield. It should also be taken into account that Ishtar is called a goddess by the other people in the game. However, the role of the deity Ishtar and her lovers seem to be reversed in the game because it is Julius’ love for her that leads to her downfall instead of the other way around.



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