Recruitment Conversation Edit

“Whew! You really saved the day. Thanks a million. Name's Jesse, by the by. I'm just your average garden-variety merc. So I spotted this girl at the port of Zofia. Real cute, ya know? Anyway, then i hear she's about to be sold off as a slave! You believe that? Well, I don't let ladies get sold into slavery on my watch! No sir! So I up and chased after her, and wound up getting caught. Turns out trying to take on a group of slavers single-handed is a terrible idea. Anyway, that's my story—what's yours? You're all traveling together, yeah? Looks like a real fun group. Don't suppose you got room for one more?”
—Jesse's recruitment conversation in Echoes

Level Up Edit

  • "I think even Mila's got a crush on me."
  • "Hrm... Am I losing my edge?" (1 stat up)
  • "Am I dreamier than usual today?"
  • "I've got my eye on all of you."
  • "Gonna say I'm already doing pretty good here." (Near stat capping)

Class Change Edit

  • "My body is your plaything, Mila."

Battle Quotes Edit

First Turn Selection Edit

  • "You want it? You've got it."
  • "Yeah, I can handle this." (almost half health)
  • "I'll what I can." (low health)
  • "Ruling the world with might and terror? Talk about your stale cliches. What's the point in living if you're not having fun? I'm not about to find out!" (final map)

Enemy Dodges Edit

Enemy does One or No Damage Edit

  • "Thought you had me, huh?"
  • "Oof! Sorry, pal!"

Being Healed Edit

  • "Thanks."
  • "You're a lifesaver."

Used Healing Item Edit

  • "This one's...not really my type." (disliked)
  • "That's a pick-me-up." (neutral)
  • "This tastes great." (liked)
  • "Oh, I love ya for this." (loved)

Critical Hit Edit

  • "This one's gonna hurt!"
  • "We're done here!"
  • "What d'ya think of this?"
  • "Feast on this!"

Finishing Blow Edit

  • "Here ya go!"
  • "You ready?"

Enemy Defeated Edit

  • "Nothin' to write home about."
  • "What? It's over?"
  • "Tie a bow on that one!"
  • "I looked pretty good, yeah?"
  • "Wait for me in Hell, buddy."

Nearby Ally Defeated Enemy Edit

  • "Remind me not to make you mad..."
  • "Time to pick up the pace myself."
  • "Huh. Nice!"
  • "My hero~."
  • "Where'd you learn how to do that?"
  • "You stealin' my spotlight?"

Nearby Ally Below Half Health Edit

Summary Screen Edit

  • "Heh. Easy as pie."
  • "I always hated saying goodbyes." (An ally defeated)

Death and Retreat Quotes Edit

“Aww... And just when things were just...getting fun...Thanks for having me along this far...See you... on the other...”
—Jesse's Classic Mode death quote from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

“Sorry, can I take a breather? Dying's not on my priority list today.”
—Jesse's Casual Mode retreat quote from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

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