Journey Begins (旅立ちの刻 Tabidachi no Koku lit. Moment of Departure in the Japanese version) is Chapter 3 of Fire Emblem Fates. Gunter leaves the party after this chapter. Felicia/Jakob will be unavailable after this chapter, until Chapter 6.


The script for this Chapter can be found here.


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

In this chapter, you must seize the fort gate from Omozu. Hans is your ally, but he is reckless in battle. During the chapter, you will be tasked to find another shortcut to reach the fort, as the defense at the second bridge is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to break through. Hans will run and attack the defensive formation there and will be defeated quickly by them. Should the player somehow defeat the formation before Hans' defeat, Hans may manage to kill a few enemies, taking valuable experience from the player.

Use the Dragon Vein to collapse the cliffs and make a walkway from your area to the fort. Simply defeat Omozu and seize the fort gate to end the chapter.

On Hard difficulty, the Samurai and Archer pair within the fort and the Archer north of the northeast fort are immobile and will not move, only retaliate. The Archer in the tile directly south as well as the Archer in the tile directly east of the fort can and will move to intercept any units that move within their attack range.

On Lunatic difficulty, the archers on the tiles to the north and the south of the fort are the immobile ones. However, the archer to the east and the archer and samurai pair will not move to engage the player units on the wooden bridge despite moving into their attack range, choosing only to attack and switch when attacked without moving. They will however, move to attack the player units when attempting to cross the stone bridge created by the Dragon Vein. If the player chooses to retreat from their original attack range on the stone bridge, the enemies will also retreat to their original positions.

Enemy ReinforcementsEdit

  • 3 Sky Knights (2 on Casual Mode) appear from the bottom two forts when any of the player units enter the attack ranges of any unit near the structure. However, if the player has lost either Jakob/Felicia and/or Gunter, they will be immobile.


  • Jakob/Felicia and Gunter are excluded from Classic Mode's permadeath function on higher difficulties. Upon defeat, they will simply retreat from the map.

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