“We and our Lord value human suffering above all. Therefore, I shall not kill you quickly. You shall go to your deaths slowly, little by little, painfully. After all, your suffering figures shall certainly present Lord Duma with a feast of the highest order...”

Jedah (ジュダ Jūda, Judah in the Japanese version) is a major antagonist in Fire Emblem Gaiden and its remake, Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. According to unused internal data within the lattter, Jedah is 147 years old.


He is a priest of the Duma Faithful who came in dispute with the High Priest Halcyon and banished him, gaining control over the church. He also serves as adviser to Emperor Rudolf. As his unearthly appearance suggests, he wields immensely powerful magic. While he leads the Magic Corps of the Rigelian Empire to invade Zofia, he dispatches his minions, the Cantor, to kidnap Celica in order to sacrifice her to Duma, who is suffering from madness. When Celica and her army march through the Duma Swamp, he contacts her in secret promising to protect Alm and free Mila if she offers her soul to Duma in order to cure his madness. Celica refuses, saying that she will see if Jedah's words are true, he then confronts them alongside several Mogalls. After the Mogalls are slain, he said he will wait for them at Duma's Tower. Once she reached the top, Jedah showed her a crystal showing Mila as a stone state with Falchion sealed away, after he teleports her army away to the lowest dungeon with Terrors. After showing a horrified Celica of Alm killing his father, Celica agree to offer her soul to Duma in exchange for Alm's safety and Mila's freedom.
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In Echoes, shortly after Alm arrives at the Temple of Duma, and after he let Celica speak to Alm one more time, he reveals to her that he lied about offering her soul will cure Duma's madness, as well as the fact that Mila sealed the Valentian Falchion, which had been impaled into her head, preventing anyone from using it. He then destroys Mila's body, with only her head remaining (with the Falchion still impaled on it), and then proceeds to sacrifice Celica to Duma by having him steal her soul, making her a mindless witch, then teleports Celica and Mila's head to the treasure vault. After that, he then has her try to kill Alm before he can claim the Falchion, which contained Mila's soul. As Alm grabs the Falchion from Milla's head, light emits from the blade as Alm unbinds it and gains its strength again, scaring Jedah and forcing him to flee from the scene, allowing Alm to stab Celica with the Falchion, which temporarily kills her, but Mila uses the last of her powers in the Falchion to bring Celica back to life shortly after.

When Alm's army (along with the recently revived Celica) arrives to save Celica's army, Jedah fights them alongside his two older daughters, Marla and Hestia, and his lord Duma, but is slain. It is revealed in his youngest daughter Sonya's ending that he turned Marla and Hestia into Witches and intended to sacrifice them and Sonya to Duma as well.

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Jedah is a fanatic who wholeheartedly believes in causing war. Wanting war with Zofia and Mila, Jedah had Halcyon banished with apparently no remorse. Jedah possesses a manipulative streak offering to spare Alm if Celica offered herself as a sacrifice to Duma, even admiting to Celica that he lied about his promise. He also believes that Duma valued causing human suffering and it was something his worshipers should strive for, intending to kill Celica slowly. It is even revealed Jedah had sacrificed his daughters (except for Sonya) to Duma. He believes Valentia cannot survive without Duma, so he stubbornly refused to believe Alm and Celica, who claimed that the nation can survive without the assistance of gods.

Jedah's only known redeeming quality is his fanatically devout worship of Duma, his loyalty appearing to be genuine with his zealous desire to pleasing Duma at any cost being the only motive for his cruel actions. Even as he died, he was more concerned with Duma's life than his own.


Fire Emblem GaidenEdit

Stats Edit


Secret Book (Artwork) The following part of this article contains strategy; therefore, it is subjective, and may not work for everyone.

Jedah can be fought as a boss twice: once during Chapter 4 (Celica's route) and again during Chapter 5. He is a fairly difficult boss and in addition to his high stats and equipment, he has the ability to negate any attack that is not from at least 5 spaces away. He can also summon Mogalls. One way to beat him is to have him use his magic until he runs out of enough HP to keep casting, and then attack him with a long-ranged bow. But the best way would be to bide your time, as his "seal" wears off every 4 turns leaving him vulnerable to attacks. In Chapter 4, using the Triangle Attack should be more than enough to defeat him. But in Chapter 5, you can try having Celica next to Alm (as this will make all of Alm's attacks a critical) and finish him off quite easily. Defeating him in the last chapter also eliminates any of his Mogalls, making the game that much easier to complete.

Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia Edit

Chapter 4Edit

In chapter 4, Jedah has very high defences and quickly summons Mogalls, without spending any HP, that move toward your units to block you from engaging him in battle, before he approaches you starting at turn 4. Furthermore, he gains 10 HP at the start of his turns. Unlike Gaiden, he negates the first 3 skirmishes you initiate against him, but engages you in a fourth one. Units with large range, such as Leon are invaluable for buffering out an opportunity to strike. One safe way to kill him requires promoting Atlas into an archer, then Sniper. At turn 1, have Leon has attack Jedah (at a range of 4 to 5), then Atlas. At turn 2, have Leon attack again, and another heavy hitter to deal damage eg. Atlas again while using a Killer Bow's Hunter Volley skill, and repeat until he has been defeated.

Chapter 5Edit


“I've no use for any of you save Anthiese. Now begone!”
—Jedah's battle quote in Chapter 4

Special Battle Quote (Vs. Jedah Chapter 4)Edit

  • Sonya: "Jedah!"
  • Jedah: "Well, if it isn't Sonya."
  • Sonya: "You've no idea how long I've waited for this day. You stole the lives of my sisters and cursed them to become witches! I will avenge them with your blood!"
  • Jedah: "Their souls were offered to Duma freely, and both received endless bliss in turn. Only a fool would refuse to see a truth so plain. You are a burden to your wise sisters, and I shall relieve them of it now!"

“Bow before Duma's eminence! Kneel before his awesome power!”
—Jedah's battle quote in Chapter 5

“All glory...unto Duma...”
—Jedah's defeat voice clip

“Keh heh heh... Your struggling is most precious. But I'll not end your meager little lives quite yet. Anthiese! You will ascend Duma Tower and join me at its pinnacle! ...Unless you wish to lose your precious Alm, that is.”
—Jedah's retreat quote in Chapter 4

“Aah... This cannot be... It mustn't... Lord Duma... My Lord... Duma... ”
—Jedah's defeat quote in Chapter 5

Critical Hit:

  • "Ignorant fool!"
  • "Heh, heh, heh, heh, heh."
  • "Be gone!"
  • "You will suffer!"


Judah, in the Christian and Jewish religion, was the fourth of Jacob's twelve sons. It seems to be a variant of the name Judas.


  • While his face appears pale in the game, the manga gives him a younger look.
  • He shares his Japanese name with a minor enemy from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War.
  • Like many bosses in Gaiden, Jedah's portrait is re-used by the other bosses in the Duma priesthood.
  • Jedah shares his English voice actor, Richard Epcar, with Awakening's Walhart.


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